Social Events

 Saturday, Nov. 2
  5:00-7:00pm Happy Hour Sponsored by SIG KM:  The Ten Commandments for Knowledge Behavior
Denise Bedford, Kent State, Heather D. Pfeiffer, Akamai Physics, Inc. (Moderator)

In the agricultural and industrial economies, we have laws and norms that help us to decide what kinds of behaviors are acceptable and which are not. Most of these laws and norms are grounded in the concept of property. In a knowledge economy, the definition of property shifts and, the characteristics of knowledge shift our assumptions about some basic economic models (scarcity, ownership, consumption and diminished value, etc.). We need a new criminal and ethical code for "Knowledge Economy". Given the changing environment, what constitutes a "knowledge crime" - what is unethical knowledge behavior - what is just plain bad knowledge behavior? We're collecting ideas to use to form a kind of "Ten Commandments of Knowledge Behaviors." 


 Sunday, Nov. 3
  12:00noon New Members and First Conference Brunch
New ASIS&T members and first-time attendees will receive special invitations to the Newcomer’s Brunch. T
o make the conference experience more enjoyable, guests will get a preview of ASIS&T meetings and be able to make contacts at the start of the meeting .


Welcome Reception
Enjoy delicious hors d'oeurves and drinks with your colleagues as ASIS&T welcomes you to its 76th Annual Meeting!  

Special Interest Groups and Chapters will be represented, giving members and potential members a fun opportunity to share ideas and get acquainted.  


 Monday, Nov. 4
  6:30pm Presidents and Posters Reception
Visit with friends - old and new - at this John Wiley & Sons sponsored gala.  Interact with meeting attendees, Poster authors, and learn the winners of the Best Paper and Best Poster Awards from the AM Committee.
  8:00pm International Reception
Our special thank you to recognize those from other countries who help make the meeting a success.
Meet the winner of the International Paper Competition and past winners who are at the conference.

Contribute to the silent auction by bringing international items that can be auctioned. These can be given to anyone from SIG III for the auction. All proceeds go to the SIG III InfoShare program to sponsor international members from developing countries.


 Tuesday, Nov. 5
  12:00noon Awards Luncheon
Join us to celebrate the major accomplishments in the field of information science as ASIS&T bestows its prestigious Annual Awards at the Annual Luncheon.  One ticket to the luncheon is included with all full conference registrations (including full conference student registrations); additional tickets may be purchased at ASIS&T registration.


  6:30pm Alumni Reception
Academic institutions share the sponsorship for this informal opportunity to renew relationships with faculty, colleagues, classmates, staff and others. If your school would like to participate, please register with this form.


  7:30pm Dinner at McGill University 
To celebrate ASIS&T AM 2013 in Montreal, join us for a delicious dinner at the McGill University Faculty Club, beautiful landmark of Montreal architecture, co-sponsored by the Canadian Association for Information Science and the McGill School of Information Studies.
Cost: $30, including tax and tip.  Space is limited; please register by October 11th.

  8:30pm SIG CON
Come see the lighter side of ASIS&T! Don’t miss this opportunity to see ASIS&T members have fun with information science through parody and satire.