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FRIDAY, Nov. 1

PIM 2013: Breaking Out to More Practical Progress in Personal Information Management

Personal Information Management (PIM) refers to the practice and study of the activities a person performs in order to locate or create, store, organize, maintain, modify, retrieve, use and distribute information to meet life's many goals and fulfill life's many roles and responsibilities. More informally, we might say that PIM is the art of getting things done in our lives through information. 

This year's PIM workshop involves a change of format and focus from previous workshops. The workshop will serve as a gathering to collaborate on real, productive, focused work, as opposed to a forum for sharing existing findings. Proposals are solicited from cross-organizational groups outlining real steps to move PIM research and practice forward. Those steps will be initiated at the workshop, and then carried forward by participants afterwards. This may involve a research proposal, where efforts will be initiated at the workshop by members of the submitting team and other attendees, but may also include initial prototyping of a PIM system or synthesis of existing PIM research. This format is a departure from a presentation style workshop and a move toward a working style similar to the approaches of recent "-camp" gatherings such as CrowdCamp at CHI/CSCW. 

For more information about participating, please visit:

Organizers: Kirstie Hawkey, Robert Capra, Manuel A. Perez-Quinones, Jaime Teevan and William Jones

Regular:  Members $160, Non-members $175