ASIS&T 2013 Annual Meeting 
Montréal, Québec, Canada | November 1-6, 2013

Competitive Intelligence as a State of Mind to Information Transculture

Monica Mallowan, Université de Moncton
Christian Marcon, Université de Poitiers

Monday, 10:30am


The current study proceeds from a transdisciplinary, ecological and systemic angle as it undertakes to interrogate the information skills of users who are uninitiated to the competitive intelligence model. In addition to outlining a framework for assessing the informactors’ performance within the context of the informational act, this paper proposes new definitions for the terms “strategic information” and “information intelligence”, as a ways to further investigate the pioneering concept of “information transculture” – a concept which stems from the confluence of various generic approaches to information literacy and which is set forth here for the first time.