ASIS&T 2013 Annual Meeting 
Montral, Qubec, Canada | November 1-5, 2013

Making Publics 2.0: Humanities Data Linked Through a Topical Repository

Eun G. Park, McGill University
Qing Zou, McGill University
Matthew Milner, McGill University

Monday, 1:30pm


Making Publics (MaPs) examined voluntary forms of publics in early modern Europe 1500-1700 and resulted in the creation of a corpus of databases of people, places, and artifacts. These databases catalogue the nearly 2,000 works cited in over 200 articles, papers, books, and essays written by its members, referencing people, places, things, and their interactions on various topics, such as common interests, tastes and desires in early modern Europe. MaPs allows its users to continue this research in public making through collaboration, collating new references to people, places, things that make up the forms of association around shared interests and topics. Throughout 2012, we re-envisaged how the website might operate to further research as well as present the research findings of the project which ended in 2010. Central to this was consideration of how a web application might serve to both organize and foster ongoing research, and make that research data available to other humanities users in the form of Linked Open Data. 

This panel will demonstrate our approaches that transform seemingly unorganized humanities research information into data using a Resource Description Framework (RDF) repository. Its overall purpose has been to explore what a networked-approach to humanities data might look like using RDF principles on the one hand and to disseminate this humanistic data to academic and non-academic audiences.