Student Activities 

Especially for Students @ ASIS&T 2012

In addition to the technical, professional and social events at the Annual Meeting, students are especially invited to participate in one or more of the following activities.

Student Design Competition

Organizers:  Stephanie Haas, Candy Schwartz, and Katie Shilton

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Student Award-Winning Papers (Tuesday, 1:30pm)

Organizer:  Barbara Wildemuth

The award winners of the two doctoral student awards and the Pratt-Severn Research Paper Award will present their research publicly at the Student Award-Winning Papers session (Tuesday, 1:30pm).

Pratt Severn Best Student Research Paper Award:
April Lynne Earle, St Johnís University, Design of an Application Profile for the St. John's University Oral History Collection
Thomson Reuters Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship: Lori McCay-Peet, Dalhousie University, At the Intersection: Investigating the Qualities of the Serendipitous Digital Environment and the Serendipity-Prone Person

ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation:  Jaime Snyder, Syracuse University, Image-Enabled Discourse:  Investigating the Creation of Visual Information as Communicative Practice

ASIS&T Doctoral Seminar on Research and Career Development (Tuesday, 3:30pm)

Organizers:  Barbara Wildemuth and John Bertot

This session is by invitation only; the top candidates from the pool of applicants for the ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation Award and the Thomson Reuters Doctoral Dissertation Scholarship will be invited to attend.

The purpose of this session is to provide a forum in which doctoral candidates and recent doctoral graduates can discuss their research and career plans with more senior scholars. During the seminar, the junior scholars will become acquainted with more senior scholars working in related areas and will have the opportunity to interact with their peers.

Brief Description
Doctoral students conducting their dissertation research will be invited to attend the session. An established researcher will be assigned as a mentor for each student. At the session, the students will have the opportunity for in-depth discussion of their current research and future career and research plans with their mentors and the other participants. 

Selection of Student Participants
Students submitting proposals for the Thomson Reuters Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship and dissertations for the ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation Award will be considered. The juries for those awards will be asked to rank the submissions so that those submitting the highest quality research papers will be selected for this workshop. The  organizers will work with the jury rankings to select the student participants. Up to ten participants will be invited to attend the seminar.

Selection of Mentors
Mentors will be selected from the ASIS&T membership. Each mentor will be an established researcher in the field in which the assigned student is working. The assigned mentor will not be a current member of the student's dissertation committee.

Student Activities Committee

John Carlo Bertot, University of Maryland College Park iSchool (
Stephanie Haas, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (
Candy Schwartz, Simmons College, Boston (
Katie Shilton, University of Maryland (
Barbara Wildemuth, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (