Detailed Conference Program
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FRIDAY, Oct. 26
8:30-12:30 Workshop:  Doctoral Student Boot Camp: Preparing for Successful Entry to the Job Market (SIG ED)
8:30-12:30 Seminar:  Taxonomy: Theory to Practice
8:30-5:00 Workshop:  SIG/CR Workshop - Classification Research: Past, Prospect and Pinnacles (SIG CR)
9:00-5:00 Workshop:  Metrics 2012 - Workshop on Informetric and Scientometric Research (SIG MET)
8:30-12:30 Workshop:  The 8th Annual Social Informatics Research Symposium (SIG SI) - Social Informatics: Past, Present and Future
8:30-7:00 Special Event:  ASIS&T 75th Anniversary - History of ASIS&T, Information Science, and Technology Worldwide
9:00-5:00 Workshop:  Knowledge Audits from A to Z (SIG KM)
1:30-5:30 Seminar:   Semantic Metadata Seminar: A Tale of Two Vocabularies
1:30-6:30 Workshop:  Evolving and Emerging Research Methodologies in Information Behavior, Needs, Seeking, and Use (SIG USE)
SUNDAY, Oct. 28
8:30 SIG Cabinet Meeting
10:00 Chapter Assembly Meeting 
12:00 New Members / First Conference Brunch



ASIS&T Online Education Initiatives: Driving the Future
Diane Rasmussen Neal, Linda C. Smith, Jacob A. Ratliff and Julia Khanova

Semantic Metadata as Linked Data Building Blocks
Joseph Busch, Marjorie Hlava, Marcia Zeng and Gail Hodge

In Search of a Unifying Principle: Archives, Knowledge Management, Library Management, and Records Management
Paul Wester, Peter Chiomenti, Chad Doran, Sandra Hirsch, Julian Warner and Heather Pfeiffer


Learning Through Search Query Negotiation
"How Much Change Do You Get from 40$?" – Analyzing and Addressing Failed Questions on Social Q&A

Chirag Shah, Marie Radford, Lynn Connaway, Erik Choi and Vanessa Kitzie

Exploration of Dynamic Query Suggestions and Dynamic Search Results for Their Effects on Search Behaviors
Chirag Shah, Jingjing Liu, Roberto González-Ibáñez and Nick Belkin

Favorite Websites Understanding Prior Knowledge of Teens’ Mental Models of Public Library Websites for Teens
Robin Naughton and Denise Agosto

Third Space as an Information System and Services Intervention Methodology for Engaging the User’s Deepest Levels of Information Need
Carol Kuhlthau and Charles Cole

Interaction to Support Users
Collaborative Hierarchical Clustering in the Browser for Scatter/Gather on the Web

Weimao Ke and Xuemei Gong

Unreliable and Uncertain Annotators: Evaluating Rater Quality and Rating Difficulty in Online Annotation Activities
Peter Organisciak, Miles Efron, Katrina Fenlon and Megan Senseney

How Do Libraries Use Social Networking Sites to Interact with Users
Dora Yu-Ting Chen, Samuel Kai-Wah Chu and Shu-Qin Xu

Barriers to Collaborative Information Seeking in Organizations
Arvind Karunakaran and Madhu Reddy

Preserving Imaged-Based Cultural Heritage: Valuation, Negation, or Desertion
Andrea Copeland, Joan Beaudoin, Chris Landbeck and Steven Puglia



Leadership Development

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iSchools and L-Schools: Converging or Diverging Communities?
Irene Lopatovska, M. Cristina Pattuelli, Marcia Bates, Michael Buckland, Marija Dalbello, Samantha Hastings and Tula Giannini

The Evolution of Information Behavior Research: Looking Back to See the Future
Lisa M. Given, Heidi Julien and Donald Case

Digital Liaisons: Shifting Borders in Interdisciplinary Collaborations: Special Interest Group Digital Libraries 
June Abbas, Tina Jayroe, Michael Leach, student presenters

The Interdisciplinary Study of Information
Jenna Hartel, Steve Fuller, Rick Szostak and Laurie Bonnici


7:00 Welcome Reception/SIG Rush
8:30 Student Design Competition Kick-Off
MONDAY, Oct. 29

Educating a New Cadre of Experts Specializing in Digital Collections and Digital Curation: Experiential Learning in Digital Library Curriculum
Krystyna Matusiak, Xiao Hu, June Abbas, George Coulbourne, Anatoliy Gruzd, Samantha Hastings, and Iris Xie 

Preparing for the Academic Job Market: An interactive Panel for Doctoral Students
Karen Miller, Naresh Kumar Agarwal, Carolyn Hank, Barbara Kwasnik, Elizabeth Liddy, Sanghee Oh, Susan Rathbun-Grubb, Soo Young Rieh and Howard Rosenbaum 

Crossing the Divide: Putting Information Seeking Research and Theory into Computer Science Practice to Make Information Search Systems and Services More Effective for the User
Carol Kuhlthau, Marcia Bates, Donald Case, Charles Cole, Brenda Dervin and Karen Fisher


Using Information Analytics
Books and Book Chapters in the Book Citation Index (BCI) and Science Citation Index (SCI, SoSCI, A&HCI)

Loet Leydesdorff and Ulrike Felt

Identifying Content and Levels of Representation in Scientific Data
Karen Wickett, Simone Sacchi, David Dubin and Allen Renear

Time and Space in Collaborative Information Seeking: The Clash of Effectiveness and Uniqueness
Roberto González-Ibáñez, Muge Haseki and Chirag Shah

Information as Exclusion: Towards a Critical Understanding of Everyday Life
Harrison Smith

Conceptualizing Data and Identity
Value and Context in Data Use: Domain Analysis Revisited

Nicholas Weber, Karen Baker, Andrea Thomer, Tiffany Chao and Carole Palmer

Interdisciplinarity in the Information Field
Dorte Madsen

Tooling the Aggregator's Workbench: Metadata Visualization Through Statistical Text Analysis
Katrina Fenlon, Miles Efron and Peter Organisciak

Private Crises/Public Responses: A Nascent Model
Lynn Westbrook


Keynote Speaker:  Edward Y. Chang


State of the Art/Science: Visual Methods and Information Behavior Research Jenna Hartel, Diane Sonnenwald, Anna Lundh and Nancy Fried Foster

From Vision to Reality: The Emerging Information Professional 
Michele Cloonan, Gary Marchionini, Allen Tien, Nathan Andrews, Helen Keil Losch, Sandra Hirsh, Marcia Bates and Prudence Dalrymple

Information, Interaction and Innovation in Consumer Health: New Directions at the Intersection of Information Science and Informatics
Tiffany Veinot, Maria Souden, Yunan Chen, Ellen Rubenstein, Chuck Friedman, Catherine Arnott Smith, Barbara Wildemuth and Lynne Howarth

Exploring Information Seeking and New Technologies
Old Data, New Scheme: An Exploration of Metadata Migration Using Expert-guided Computational Techniques

Erik Mitchell and Carolyn McCallum

Improving the User Experience of Professional Researchers: Applying a User-Centered Design Framework in Archival Repositories
Jessica Meyerson, Patricia Galloway, Randolph Bias

Information Seeking through Microblog Questions: the Impact of Social Capital and Relationship
Pengyi Zhang

Examining Preferences for Search Engines and Their Effects on Information Behavior
Irene Lopatovska, Megan R. Fenton, and Sara Campot

Making Sense of Information Seeking & Use
Data Reuse and Sensemaking Among Novice Social Scientists

Ixchel Faniel, Adam Kriesberg and Elizabeth Yakel

Searching vs. Writing: Factors Affecting Information Use Task Performance
Jingjing Liu and Nicholas J. Belkin

Beyond Practices: A Field Study of the Contextual Factors Impacting Collaborative Information Seeking
Patricia Ruma Spence and Madhu Reddy

Task Difficulty and Domain Knowledge Effects on Information Search Behaviors
Chang Liu, Jingjing Liu, Michael Cole, Nicholas J. Belkin and Xiangmin Zhang


Measuring Science: Emerging Tools for Analysis of Federal R+D Investments
Melissa Cragin, Leah Nichols, Michael Simon and Sean Watts

Emerging Trends in Metadata Research Heather Lea Moulaison, Susan Rathbun-Grubb, June Abbas, Jane Greenberg, Kathryn La Barre, Eva Méndez Rodríguez, Erik Mitchell and Alenka Šauperl

Information Outsiders of the 21st Century: Access and Implications for Information Behavior Research
Jennifer Arns, Clayton Copeland, Paul Jaeger, Bharat Mehra and Mega Subramaniam

Designing Information Representation and Retrieval
Design and Evaluation of a System to Support Collaborative Search

Robert Capra, Annie Chen, Katie Hawthorne, Jaime Arguello, Lee Shaw and Gary Marchionini

Least Information Document Representation for Automated Text Classification
Weimao Ke

Authorship Productivity in the Knowledge Management Literature
Danny Wallace

Annotation as a New Paradigm in Research Archiving
Dirk Roorda and Charles van den Heuvel

Algorithms for Information Organization
Coming Across Academic Social Media Content Serendipitously
Laura Dantonio, Stephann Makri and Ann Blandford

Analysis and Automatic Classification of Web Search Queries for their Diversification Requirements
Sumit Bhatia, Cliff Brunk and Prasenjit Mitra

Enriching Text Representation with Frequent Pattern Mining for Probabilistic Topic Modeling
Hyun Duk Kim, Dae Hoon Park, Yue Lu and ChengXiang Zhai

The Art of Creating an Informative Data Collection for Automated Deception Detection: A Corpus of Truths and Lies
Victoria Rubin and Niall Conroy

6:30 President's Reception Featuring Posters
8:00 International Reception
TUESDAY, Oct. 30

Unwiring and Rewiring for the Knowledge Future
Denise Bedford, Richard McDermott, Gordon Vala-Webb and Jack Uldrich


Humanistic Information Science
Jack Andersen, Melanie Feinberg, Jonathan Furner, Jens-Erik Mai and Joseph Tennis

Understanding Information and Knowledge Sharing in Online Communities: Emerging Research Approaches
Hsin-liang Chen, Anatoliy Gruzd, Xiaozhong Liu and Eric Meyers

Social Media, Cognitive Processing, and Technological Adoption
Children’s Perceptual Cognitive Factors in Book Selection and Metadata Schema: Pilot Study

Jihee Beak

Almighty Twitter, What Are People Asking For?
Zhe Liu and Bernard Jansen

Organization in Twitter: A Case Study of Chatterboxing by Geographic Location
Heather Moulaison and C. Sean Burns

Information Behavior of First-Year Writing Students
M. Whitney Olsen and Anne R. Diekema

Digital Information Practices and Services
Convergence and Synergy: Social Q&A Meets Virtual Reference Services

Marie Radford, Lynn Connaway and Chirag Shah

Youth Identities as Remixers in an Online Community of Storytellers: Attitudes, Strategies, and Values
June Ahn, Mega Subramaniam, Kenneth Fleischmann, Amanda Waugh, Greg Walsh and Allison Druin

Flickr Images: What & Why Museums Share
Joan Beaudoin

"I Just Don't Know What I Don't Know!": A Longitudinal Investigation of the Perceived Usefulness of Information to People with Type 2 Diabetes
Beth St. Jean



New Directions for 21st Century Digital Collections
Amelia Abreu, Amelia Acker, Carolyn Hank, Amy Buckland, Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Elin Jacob, Matthew Kirschenbaum, Gary Marchionini

Ten Years Later: Information and Policy in the Aftermath of 9/11
John Carlo Bertot, Nadia Caidi, Ursula Gorham, Paul Jaeger and Katie Shilton


Transformation or Continuity? The Impact of Social Media on Information: Implications for Theory and Practice
Jutta Haider, Isto Huvila, Andrew Cox, Helena Francke and Hazel Hall

Social Participation, Relevance, and Meaning
The Notion of Relevance in Teacher Information Behavior

Anne Diekema and M. Whitney Olsen

Social Curation on the Website
Catherine Hall and Michael Zarro

Eating Disorder Questions in Yahoo! Answers: Information, Conversation, or Reflection?
Leanne Bowler, Jung Sun Oh, Daqing He, Eleanor Mattern and Wei Jeng

Understanding the Participatory Library Through a Grounded Theory Study
Linh Cuong Nguyen, Helen Partridge and Sylvia L. Edwards


Social Information Retrieval and Management
A Personal Information Management Scheme Using Shared Labels and Implication Links

Gaurav Dubey and Xiaolong Zhang

Crowdsourcing for Usability Testing
Di Liu, Randolph Bias, Matthew Lease and Rebecca Kuipers

Knowledge Retrieval for Scientific Literatures
Chun Guo, Renuka Chinchankar and Xiaozhong Liu

Applying Human Computation Mechanisms to Information Retrieval
Christopher Harris and Padmini Srinivasan

Student Design Competition


Awards Luncheon


The Other as a Research Agenda for Information Science
Kathryn La Barre, Michael Buckland, Lai Ma and Charles van den Heuvel

Library and Information Science in the Big Data Era: Funding, Projects, and Future 
Vincent Lariviere, Richard Marciano, Michael Koo and Stephen Downie

The Origins of SIG-III and Its 30 Years’ Journey: Visions and Reflections
Daniel Alemneh, Toni Carbo, Nadia Caidi, Anatoliy Gruzd and Abebe Rorissa

Social Construction of Health Information
Citizen Users and Interactivity on Government Environmental Agency Web Pages: An Analysis of Colony Collapse Disorder Information

Reid Isaac Boehm and Vandana Singh

Things My Doctor Never Told Me: Bridging Information Gaps in an Online Community
Ellen L. Rubenstein

Integrated ACE Model for Consumer Health Information Needs: A Content Analysis of Questions in Yahoo!Answers
Ming-Hsin Phoebe Chiu and Chi-Chuan Wu

Consumer Health Information Searching Process in Real Life Settings and Cognitive Activities
Yan Zhang

Participatory Perceptions and Predictions
Image Similarity as Assessed by Users: a Quantitative Study

Pierre Tirilly, Chunsheng Huang, Wooseob Jeong, Xiangming Mu, Iris Xie and Jin Zhang

Quality of Health Answers in Social Q&A
Sanghee Oh, Yong Jeong Yi and Adam Worrall

Predicting Future Popularity Trend of Events in Microblogging Platforms
Manish Gupta, Jing Gao, ChengXiang Zhai and Jiawei Han

Predictive Value of Comments in the Service Engagement Process
Stephen Carman, Ray Strong, Anca Chandra, Sechan Oh, Scott Spangler, Laura Anderson and Bernard Jansen

Student Award Winning Papers


Web-based Education Throughout the Library & Information Science Curriculum: Diverse Challenges, Opportunities, and Perspectives
Diane Rasmussen Neal, Selenay Aytac, Margaret E. I. Kipp, Lynne Y. Williams and Catherine Johnson

Information Visualization State of the Art and Future Directions
Staša Milojević, Chaomei Chen, Loet Leydesdorff, Jason Priem and Scott B. Weingart

Learning to Discover: Youth Information Literacy in the “I” Digital Age
Dania Bilal, Sanda Erdelez, Jamshid Beheshti and Ross J. Todd

Content Divide: Africa and the Global Knowledge Footprint
Shimelis Assefa, Abebe Rorissa, Daniel Alemneh and Kendra Albright

Bibliometrics, Cybermetrics, and Research Evaluation
Bibliometric Characteristics of Political Science Research in Germany

Pei-Shan Chi

Exploring Alternative Cyberbibliometrics for Evaluation of Scholarly Performance in the Social Sciences and Humanities in Taiwan
Muh-chyun Tang, Chun-mei Wang, Kuang-hua Chen and Jieh Hsiang

Doctoral Seminar
(by invitation only)

5:00 Annual Business Meeting
6:30 Alumni Reception
8:00 SIG CON