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ASIST 2012 Annual Meeting 
Baltimore, MD, October 26-30, 2012

Old Data, New Scheme: An Exploration of Metadata Migration Using Expert-guided Computational Techniques
Erik Mitchell and Carolyn McCallum

Monday, 1:30pm


This paper explores the evaluation of metadata quality within the context of migration to new conceptual models. While metadata quality and interoperability are commonly studied areas, few studies have explored the issues introduced when migrating metadata to models that require a re-definition of metadata record to resource relationships. In order to explore this issue, this study asks the question "How do human and computational techniques compare with regards to the creation of FRBR work-sets from existing bibliographic metadata?" The study compared cataloger assessment of FRBR relationships in a selection of 848 MARC records with automatically generated work-sets. The Levenhstein edit-distance algorithm was used to identify work-sets in the automated approach. The comparison found that an improved version of work-set keys from the OCLC FRBR algorithm provided the highest match rate with 62% of keys matching perfectly and 87% of correct work-sets showing an 80% or higher similarity rate. The study methodology and evaluative measure overall indicate that a hybrid expert/automated approach and an improved key generation algorithm are effective alternatives to manual or automated approaches alone.