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ASIST 2012 Annual Meeting 
Baltimore, MD, October 26-30, 2012

Preparing for the Academic Job Market: An interactive Panel for Doctoral Students
Karen Miller, Naresh Kumar Agarwal, Carolyn Hank, Barbara Kwasnik, Elizabeth Liddy, Sanghee Oh, Susan Rathbun-Grubb, Soo Young Rieh and Howard Rosenbaum

Monday, 8:00am


This proposal expands on the basic format of the successful interactive doctoral student panel sponsored by SIG/ED at the 2011 ASIS&T annual meeting.  The 2012 panel will feature several new panelists and a discussion of alternative career paths to the traditional job market, such as post-doctoral opportunities.

The function of this panel is to provide an interactive platform for faculty members at all stages of their careers to provide advice and input for doctoral students nearing the completion of their doctoral work. This panel will provide valuable insight on finishing the dissertation, weighing post-doctoral opportunities, entering the job market, and beginning an academic career. The format will allow participants to ask questions anonymously that may otherwise be embarrassing to ask. The seven panelists represent all stages of an academic career: three assistant professors, two associate professors (including an associate dean), and two full professors (including one dean). The participants come from six different institutions and represent two countries (U.S. and Canada). The panel will be of greatest use to those doctoral students at the end of their doctoral program, but, as proven in 2011, will also be of interest to doctoral students beginning their doctoral work and new assistant Professors.