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ASIST 2012 Annual Meeting 
Baltimore, MD, October 26-30, 2012 

Someone's Loss might be Your Gain: A Case of Negative Results Publications in Science
Renata Curty and Jian Tang

Monday, 6:30pm


This poster reports a research in progress which investigates the academic influence of a scientific journal dedicated to publish negative results. Based on a case study of Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine (JNRBM), it examines the academic influence of this journal through citation impact, authors' productivity, and authorship international diversity. Preliminary findings show that JNRBM has an active participation of international scholars with high productivity in their academic disciplines, while citation counts of published articles are still polarized. These results imply that journals publishing negative results are beneficial for triggering discussions and debates on current models, tenets or dogmas, although they still gain limited attention from the academic community. 

Scholarly Communication. Citation Analysis. Research Impact. H-index. Negative Results.