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   Detailed Conference Program
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SUNDAY, Oct. 9
8:30 Chapter Assembly Meeting 
10:00 SIG Cabinet Meeting
12:00 New Members / First Conference Brunch

Keynote Speaker:  Tom WilsonPreservation: the Final Frontier?


The Future of the Profession: Socio-Technical Viewpoint
Cliff Lynch, Silipigni Connaway, Suzie Allard

Social Tagging and Folksonomies: Indexing, Retrieving…and Beyond?
Tamara Heck, Jacek Gwizdka, Margaret E.I. Kipp, Kun Lu, Isabella Peters, Diane Neal, and Louise Spiteri 

Testing the Waters: Blogging for User Needs Analysis, Information Access, and Building a Community of Practitioners
Carolyn Sheffied, Grace Constantino, Robert Cox


Collaborative Information Behaviour in Undergraduate Group Projects: A Study of Engineering Students
Nasser Saleh and Andrew Large

Can u help me plz?? Cyberlanguage Accommodation in Virtual Reference Conversations
Laura Christopherson

Smile! Studying Expressivity of Happiness as a Synergic Factor in Collaborative Information Seeking
Roberto González-Ibáñez, Chirag Shah and Natalia Córdova-Rubio

Children in the Physical Collection: Implications for the Digital Library
Sally Jo Cunningham

Interactive Information & User Interpretation

Age, Culture, and Communication: Contextualization and Framing in a Playful Online Forum
Guo Zhang

Helpful to You is Useful to Me: The Use and Interpretation of Social Voting
Jahna Otterbacher, Libby Hemphill and Erica Dekker

Measuring Task Complexity in Information Search from User’s Perspective
Yuelin Li, Yu Chen, Jinghong Liu, Yuan Chen, Xuan Wang, Ping Chen and Qianqian Wang

Technology Adoption and Use Theory Review for Studying Scientists’ Continued Use of Cyber-infrastructure
Youngseek Kim and Kevin Crowston


5:30 Leadership Development (free, but registration required)
6:30 Welcome Reception/SIG Rush
8:00 Student Design Competition Kick-Off
MONDAY, Oct. 10

Fundamental Research Questions in Information Science
Sachi Arafat, John Budd, Ron Day, Jonathan Furner, Robin Hunt, and Julian Warner

Perspectives on the Information Professions
Ann Prentice, Anne Caputo, Allison Druin, Bill Hersh, October Ivins, Louise Spiteri, Marcia Bates and Nancy Roderer

Shaking it up: Embracing New Methods for Publishing, Finding, Discussing and Measuring our Research Output
Alex Garnett, Kim Holmberg, Christina Pikas, Heather Piwowar, Jason Priem and Nicholas Weber


Scholarly Communication and Collaboration 

Information Sharing During Multi-Agency Major Incidents
Jyoti Laxmi Mishra, David K. Allen and Alan D. Pearman

Author-Constructs & Trojan Horse-ing: Academic Citation as a Strategic Discursive Practice
Michael R. Olsson

Disciplinary Reach: Investigating the Impact of Dataset Reuse in the Earth Sciences
Tiffany Chao

Seeking Knowledge: The Adoption of Ebooks by Historians
Anabel Quan-Haase and Kim Martin


System Design & Learning 

The Effect of Scoring and Feedback Mechanisms in an Online Educational Game
Karen Markey and Chris Leeder

Help Feature Interactions in Digital Libraries: Influence of learning styles
Chunsheng Huang and Iris Xie

News Sync: Enabling Scenario-based News Exploration
V.G.Vinod Vydiswaran, Jeroen van den Eijkhof, Raman Chandrasekar, Ann Paradiso and Jim St. George

Mapping User Search Queries to Product Categories
Carolyn T. Hafernik, Bin Cheng, Paul Francis and Bernard J. Jansen


Keynote Speaker:  Steve KellingHow to Identify Ducks In Flight: A Crowdsourcing Approach to Biodiversity Research and Conservation


Visitors and Residents: What Motivates Engagement with the Digital Information Environment? Lynn Silipigni Connaway, David White, and Donna Lanclos

Sharing Data: Practices, Barriers, and Incentives
Carol Tenopir, Jeffrey Van der Hoeven, , Carole L. Palmer, Jim Malone, and
Priyanki Sinha

Emerging Trends in Knowledge Organization and Information Organization Course Curriculum
Selenay Aytac, Margaret Kipp, Diane Neal, Victoria Rubin, Cristina Pattuelli, Ingrid Hsieh-Yee

Values & Attitudes 

The Limits of Sharing: Controlled Data Collections
Kristin Eschenfelder and Andrew Johnson

How Values Can Reduce Conflicts in the Design Process:  Results From a Multi-Site Mixed-Method Field Study
Kenneth R. Fleischmann, William A. Wallace and Justin M. Grimes

The Relationship Between Human Values and Attitudes Toward the Park51 and Nuclear Power Controversies
Clay Templeton and Kenneth R. Fleischmann

Understanding Privacy Behaviors of Millennials within Social Networking Sites
Lupita S-O’Brien, Pamela Read, Jaqueline Woolcott and Chirag Shah

Social & Policy Issues 

Social Media Access in K-12 Schools: Intractable Policy Controversies in an Evolving World
June Ahn, Lauren Bivona and Jeffrey DiScala

Look Before You Leap: Legal Pitfalls of Crowdsourcing
Stephen Wolfson and Matthew Lease

Building Community Broadband: Barriers, Opportunities, and Experiences of Community-Based Organizations with U.S. Federal Broadband Development Efforts
Steven Jackson and Andrew Gordon

Who is Responsible for Data? An Exploratory Study of Data Authorship, Ownership, and Responsibility
Jillian Wallis and Christine Borgman


Capturing the Complexity of Information Interactions: Measurement and Evaluation Issues
Irene Lopatovsky, Heather O'Brien, Soo Young Rieh, Barbara Wildemuth


Designing for Youth across the Gulf: Fishbowl on How Today’s Methods, Theory and Findings can Support Tomorrow’s Designs
Karen Fisher, Eliza Dresang, Ann Bishop, Ricardo Gomez

Scientists' Work & Networking 

Recommending future collaborators using Social Features and MeSH terms
Danielle H. Lee, Peter Brusilovsky and Titus Schleyer

Exploring the Barriers and Challenges of Information and Communication Technology Use in Distributed Research Today: A Ranking-type Delphi Study
Boryung Ju and Suzanne Pawlowski

Tenure and Promotion in the Age of Online Social Media
Anatoliy Gruzd, Kathleen Staves and Amanda Wilk

The Analytic Potential of Scientific Data: Understanding Re-use Value
Carole L. Palmer, Nicholas M. Weber and Melissa H. Cragin

Social Computing 

Building Topic Models in a Federated Digital Library Through Selective Document Exclusion
Miles Efron, Peter Organisciak and Katrina Fenlon

Social Commerce: Looking Back and Forward
Renata Gonçalves Curty and Ping Zhang

Online credibility and community among blog users
Jeanine Finn and Homero Gil de Zúñiga

Wikipedia-based Topic Clustering for Microblogs
Tan Xu and Douglas Oard

6:30 President's Reception & Posters
8:00 International Reception
TUESDAY, Oct. 11

Preparing for the Academic Job Market: An Interactive Panel for Doctoral Students
Cassidy Sugimoto, Laura Christopherson, Naresh Agarwal, Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, Michelle Kazmer, Howard Rosembaum, Barbara Wildemuth, Carolyn Hank, and Elizabeth Liddy


Open Access and Scholarly Communication: The Current Landscape, Future Direction, and the Influence on Global Scholarship
Daniel Alemneh, Samantha Hastings, Suliman Hawamdeh, Austin McLean and Abebe Rorissa

Metatheoretical Snowmen II
Jenna Hartel, Jonathan Furner, Soo Young Rieh, Michael Olsson, Marcia Bates, Nicholas Belkin, and Andrew Dillon

Information & Data Preservation 

A Capability Maturity Model for Scientific Data Management: Evidence from the Literature
Kevin Crowston and Jian Qin

Choreo Save: A Digital Dance Preservation System Prototype
Eugenia Kim

Control Objectives for DP: Digital Preservation as an Integrated Part of IT Governance
Christoph Becker, Gonçalo Antunes, José Barateiro, Ricardo Vieira and José Borbinha

A Framework for Applying the Concept of Significant Properties to Datasets
Simone Sacchi, Karen M. Wickett, Allen H. Renear and David S. Dubin 

News Reading/Everyday Information Behavior

The Role of Information Avoidance in Everyday-Life Information Behaviors
Bhuva Narayan, Donald Case and Sylvia L. Edwards

Exploring User Engagement in Online News Interactions
Heather O'Brien

Notes from the Underground City of Disinformation: A Conceptual Investigation
Natascha A. Karlova and Jin Ha Lee

Online News Reading Behavior: From Habitual Reading to Stumbling Upon News
Borchuluun Yadamsuren and Sanda Erdelez



Bibliometrics and LIS Education: How Do They Fit Together?
Dangzhi Zhao, Howard White, Dietmar Wolfram, Jamshid Beheshti, Judit Bar-Ilan, and Jonathan Levitt

Stepping Stones to Synergy: Social Q&A and Virtual Reference
Marie L. Radford, Chirag Shah, Lorri Mon, Rich Gazan


Avoiding Determinism: New Research into the Discovery of Information
Sanda Erdelez, John Budd, Victoria Rubin, Jacquelyn Burkell and Anabel Quan-Hasse


Interactive Search & Effort

Investigating the Effect of Results Ranking in Sponsored Search
Zhe Liu, Bernard Jansen and Zach Simon

Is amount of effort a better predictor of search success than use of specific search tactics?
Earl Bailey and Diane Kelly

Dynamic Assessment of Information Acquisition Effort During Interactive Search
Michael J. Cole, Jacek Gwizdka, Chang Liu and Nicholas J. Belkin

Understanding Searchers’ Perception of Task Difficulty: Relationships with Task Type
Jingjing Liu, Chang Liu, Xiaojun Yuan and Nicholas Belkin 



12:00 Awards Luncheon

Using information obtained through informetrics to address practical problems and to aid decision making
Judit Bar-Ilan, Jonathan Levitt, Katherine McCain, Staša Milojevic, Debora Shaw, Cassidy Sugimoto, Liwen Vaughan and Dietmar Wolfram

The Janus panels: Looking Back - Looking Forward
Robert Williams, Kathryn LaBarre

Digital Liaisons: Student Perspectives on Curating the Information Life Cycle
June Abbas, Jacob Carlson and Anne Diekema

Knowledge Organization

Combine Unsupervised Learning and Heuristic Rules to Annotate Morphological Characters
Hong Cui, Sriramu Singaram and Alyssa Janning

Are Collections Sets?
Karen M. Wickett, Allen H. Renear and Jonathan Furner

An Empirical Study on the Automatic Resolution of Semantic Ambiguity in Social Tags
Kwan Yi

Facet-based library catalogs: A survey of the landscape
Catherine Hall

Health Information

Health information behavior in families: supportive or irritating?
Tiffany Veinot, Yong-Mi Kim and Chrysta Meadowbrooke

The Relationships between Motivations and Answering Strategies: An Exploratory Review of Health Answerers’ Behaviors in Yahoo! Answers
Sanghee Oh

Older Adults Searching for Health Information in MedlinePlus – An Exploratory Study of Faceted Online Search Interfaces
Bill Kules and Bo Xie

Information Use in Chronic Illness Care: The Role of the Electronic Health Record in Bridging Patient Experience and Healthcare Contexts
Maria Souden and Joan C. Durrance 



The Future of Information History
Jenna Hartel, Thomas Haigh, Ron Day and Siobhan Stevenson

Developing FRBR-Based Library Catalogs for Users
Yin Zhang, Maja Zumer, Athena Salaba, Tanja Mercun, Jennifer Bowen, Rebekah Kilzer, Diane Neal

Digital Content Creation: A Global View on Curriculum Design
Tatjana Aparac-Jelušić, Ron Brown, Samantha Hastings, Hsin-liang Chen, Yin-Leng Theng

Computer Mediated Communication & Literacy

Undergraduates’ Perceptions and Use of the University Libraries Web Portal: Can Information Literacy Instruction Make a Difference?
Yu-Hui Chen

Bridging the Early Literacy Gulf
Kathleen Campana and Eliza Dresang

How Content Contributors Assess and Establish Credibility on the Web
Beth St. Jean, Soo Young Rieh, Ji Yeon Yang and Yong-Mi Kim

Moving forward: conceptualizing comfort in information sources for enthusiast cyclists
Jonathan Dorey and Catherine Guastavino


Personal Information Management & Methods

Document Duplication: How Users (Struggle to) Manage File Copies and Versions
Sarah Henderson

Verifying survey items for Construct Validity: A two-stage Sorting Procedure for Questionnaire Design in Information Behavior Research
Naresh Kumar Agarwal

Personal Information Management Practices of Teachers
Anne R. Diekema and M. Whitney Olsen

4:30 Annual Business Meeting
6:30 Alumni Reception
8:00 SIG CON 
8:30-12:30 Workshop:  Bridging the Gulf: The Social Analysis of Computing in Society & the Workplace (SIG SI)
8:30-12:30 Workshop:  Knowledge Management of Social Networks (SIG KM)
8:30-5:00 Workshop:  22nd Annual SIG /CR Classification Research Workshop: Classification, Collections, and Curation (SIG CR)
9:00-5:00 Seminar:  Collaborative Information Seeking - Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice
9:00-5:00 Workshop:  Metrics 2011 - Symposium on Informetric and Scientometric Research (SIG MET)
9:00-5:00 Workshop:  Where Your World Meets Mine:  Information Used Across Domains (SIG USE)
1:30-6:30 Seminar:   Theory of Knowledge, Search and Taxonomies
1:30-5:30 Workshop:  Hands On with the State of the Art (SIG VIS)
1:30-5:30 Workshop:  What Do We Mean? The Management of Information Organizations vs. Organizational Management of Information? (SIGs MGT & KM)