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The Role of Information Avoidance in Everyday-Life Information Behaviors

Bhuva Narayan, Donald Case and Sylvia L. Edwards

ASIST 2011 Annual Meeting
New Orleans, LA, October 9-12, 2011


This paper presents the results from a study of information behaviors in the context of people's everyday lives as part of a larger study of information behaviors (IB). 34 participants from across 6 countries maintained a daily information journal or diary - mainly through a secure web log - for two weeks, to an aggregate of 468 participant days over five months. The text-rich diary data was analyzed using Grounded Theory analysis. The findings indicate that information avoidance is a common phenomenon in everyday life and consisted of both passive avoidance and active avoidance. This has implications for several aspects of peoples' lives including health, finance, and personal relationships.

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