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Developing FRBR-Based Library Catalogs for Users

Yin Zhang, Maja Zumer, Athena Salaba, Tanja Mercun, Jennifer Bowen, Rebekah Kilzer and Diane Neal

ASIST 2011 Annual Meeting
New Orleans, LA, October 9-12, 2011


Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) has a direct impact on the library and information science community in the areas of information organization, information representation, and system design. Although FRBR offers great potential for libraries to develop catalogs that function more effectively to help users access bibliographic data, there has been a lack of both guidance in FRBR implementation and FRBR user research in related development. In this session, panelists presenting three different projects will discuss how they implemented FRBR in library catalogs and what user research they have done to inform system design and to evaluate the effectiveness of the FRBR systems. This panel will help address some key questions about FRBR research and development: (1) To what extent does the FRBR model represent how users perceive bibliographic data? (2) How can FRBR be implemented in library catalogs? (3) How are FRBR-based systems helpful to users?

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