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Sharing Data:  Practices, Barriers, and Incentives

Carol Tenopir, Jeffrey van der Hoeven, Carole L. Palmer, Jim Malone and Priyanki Sinha

ASIST 2011 Annual Meeting
New Orleans, LA, October 9-12, 2011


Bringing together a panel of researchers who have conducted surveys regarding current data sharing practices and scientific perceptions of it, this paper addresses findings from surveys including the PARSE Insight survey, DataONE survey, Data Conservancy/University of Illinois and Purdue interviews, as well as a survey and interviews of scientists in the Southeast US done for USGS. The paper analyzes the findings of these surveys and interviews and discusses the advantages of data sharing. It addresses the varying degrees of data sharing and data hoarding and insight regarding the sharing of data among respondents. It also touches on concerns of those who are reluctant to share data and the role the development of cyberinfrastructure will play in future data sharing. The surveys and in-depth interviews discussed in this panel will help information scientists and system designers understand the current practices, barriers to data sharing, and needs of scientists into the future. Inculcating a culture of data sharing and curation requires first understanding the motivations and concerns of the scientists who collect and use research data.

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