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The Janus Panels:  Looking Back in Order to Look Forward

Robert Williams and Kathryn LaBarre

ASIST 2011 Annual Meeting
New Orleans, LA, October 9-12, 2011


This panel session consists of two parts: "I remember ADI/ASIS/ASIS&T" and "What I want ASIST to be in 2037." In the first part, selected ASIS&T members who have held membership for at least 25 years will briefly talk about their favorite/most memorable moments in ASIS&T. Former presidents and major award winners meeting the 25 years or more membership criterion will be given precedence for the short presentations. The following members with 25+ years who have agreed to present in this part are: Samantha Hastings, Trudi Hahn, Toni Carbo, Ralf Shaw, Michael Buckland, and Chuck Ben-Ami Lipetz.

In the second part, selected ASIS&T members who have been members less than 5 years will briefly tell us what they want ASIS&T to be like, to do, to represent, etc. when it turns 100 in 2037. 

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