Photo courtesy New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau


Hands On with the State of the Art (SIG VIS)
Wednesday, October 12, 2011, 1/2 Day 1:30pm-5:30pm (workshop fee)

SIGVIS does not wish to hold a standard workshop this year in New Orleans. While the traditional paper-presentation-and-question-period has its uses, the speakers for last yearís SIGVIS workshop found that their research was better presented with a more active, hands-on approach. In this workshop, the participantís thoughts and opinions will not only be welcomed, they will be sought. The research and questions to be presented here comes from research in progress, so participants will have the chance to shape the speakerís future efforts. 


  • Sam Hastings will be speaking about 3D image retrieval and her ongoing project to digitize Catawba pottery and the implications for scholars. She will be asking for the audience to tag images and will then seek to discover themes and categories of description.
  • Elaine Menard will present her study exploring the behaviors of image searchers. This will involve completing a survey used for the experiment, comparing the results to those from four different linguistic communities, and a discussion with the audience.
  • Joan Beaudoin will speak about a study which examines the development of LIS studentsí skills in analyzing and describing the visual content of a series of historical photographs. Workshop attendees will be asked to assess a discrete set of records using a visual literacy rubric.
  • Chris Landbeck will speak about recent research in the description of editorial cartoons and efforts to discover what aspects of such images users consider to be important. He will be asking the workshop to collectively describe a set of cartoons, then to discuss the emergent categories.
  • Andrea Copeland will discuss a framework for sharing images. Participants are asked to bring 3 images they have shared with others to help understand why individuals share information and to contribute to our understanding of information selection and value estimation.

Members $65, non-members $75, before September 4, 2011
Members $75, non-members $85