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22nd Annual SIG/CR Classification Research Workshop:
Classification, Collections, and Curation (SIG CR)
Wednesday, October 12, 2011, Half Day 8:30am-12:30pm (workshop fee)

Personal computing has been rapidly advancing toward shared networking models of resources, collections of resources, and descriptions of resources. Social media abounds, from Facebook to Google’s<>, from LibraryThing to Flickr and Twitter. Such services enable both individual and aggregate collections of information, enhanced through various forms of description, including classification. Driven by social media’s imperatives to create, to copy, and to cite, the activity of selection, or curation, has new currency. We all collect, and we are all curators.

Although less remarked upon, classification, we contend, shapes and directs these digital collection endeavors, providing the motive and the meaning for selection activities. To that end, we can also say that we are all classificationists.

Given this milieu, what does classification theory tell us about the state of practice, the potentials for systems, and the constantly evolving nature of our personal and professional relationships to collections and classification? What is the currency of classification research in relation to curation and the constant copying of digital collections? While there is a rich tradition of collecting and curating throughout and beyond the cultural heritage landscape, these literatures are often separate from the classification literature. To what extent might these activities be joined? What insights can we gain from such synergies?

For the SIG/CR Workshop 2011, we are calling for proposals that can address these and allied concerns. Submissions are encouraged from researchers, students, practitioners across disciplines, from archives, museum studies, and knowledge organization, to cultural studies, new media, digital humanities, textual studies, and more. Surprise us.

Accepted papers will be given at the 2011 Workshop associated with the ASIST Annual Meeting, held in New Orleans this fall.

Joseph Tennis
Melanie Feinberg

Members $75, non-members $85