2010 Student Chapter of the Year

Simmons College

The Student Chapter of the Year Award goes to Simmons College ASIS&T Student Chapter. This chapter engaged in a significant number of activities. Our committee member remarked on their łgood range and distribution (across the calendar) of the programs and selection of topics in various areas of interest to their members -- from board games to World Usability Day.˛ The committee also commended their two placement events - łAlumni Speed Networking and Online Career Fair - to help place their student members in such a harsh economy.˛ The chapter is also noteworthy for their impressive work on member recruitment and retention through attractive publications and good use of social media, which led to a total of 279 chapter members.

Finally, the committee would like to laud their use of an award to recognize contributions by a member of the student chapter.

The Student Chapter of the Year Award Committee would like to recognize the many accomplishments of all Chapters that submitted reports for the award.
Everyone should be very proud of their many accomplishments. The committee was very impressed with all report submissions.

Congratulations to the officers of Simmons College ASIS&T Student Chapter:
Co-chairs: Luke Gaudreau and Mark McMahon
Treasurer: Amy Deschenes
Web Manager: Shannon Astolfi
Other Officers:
Bill Helman (New England ASIS&T Student Liaison)
Faculty Advisor: Linnea Johnson