Schedule:  Short Papers 

Mobile Phone Search for Library Catalogs
Ramona Broussard, Yongyi Zhou and Matthew Lease

A New Perspective on Twitter Hashtag Use: Diffusion of Innovation Theory
Hsia-Ching Chang

Childhood Vaccinations and Autism, 1998-2010: Expert Domains in Formal Information Exchanges
Jeanine Finn

Conceptualizing Large-Scale Information Access Efforts: The Case for Historical Context
Elisabeth A. Jones

Constructionist Learning in Digital Archives Education: Student Perceptions of Effectiveness 
Anthony Cocciolo

Definitions of Dataset in the Scientific and Technical Literature
Allen Renear, Simone Sacchi and Karen Wickett

Emergency Medical Residents' Use of Google for Answering Clinical Questions in the Emergency Room
June Abbas, Diane Schwartz, Richard Krause, Ron Moscati and Shravanti Halpern

Encoded Descriptions at Face Value
David Dubin

How and Why Scholars Cite on Twitter
Jason Priem and Kaitlin Light Costello

How Do Public Library Administrators Generate and Evaluate Ideas for New Services? A Proposed Model Based on Evidence from Cuyahoga County Public Library
Joe Rubleske, Michelle Kaarst-Brown and Tracy Strobel

How Historians use Historical Newspapers
Robert Allen and Robert Sieczkiewicz

Information as Discursive Construct
Lai Ma

International Collaboration and Counting Inflation in the Assessment of National Research Productivity
Mu-husan Huang and Chi-Shiou Lin

Investigating Multi-Label Classification for Human Values
Emi Ishita, Douglas W. Oard, Kenneth R. Fleischmann, An-Shou Cheng and Thomas Clay Templeton

Katz Out of the Bag: The Broader Privacy Ramifications of Using Facebook
Shannon Oltmann

Learning Materials Reusability in Higher Education: Elements for Design Digital Collections from a Knowledge Management Perspective
Alma Rivera-Aguilera, JosÚ TÚllez-Bertadillo, and Victor M. Harari-Betancourt

Learning Tacit Knowledge in Life Science Graduate Programs in Taiwan
Noriko Hara, Hesham Alsarhan, Kuo-Hua Chen, John Kilburn, Marcus Ynalvez and Ruby Ynalvez

Modeling Individual-level Information Behavior: A Person-in-Environment (PIE) Framework
Sei-Ching Joanna Sin

More Savvy Than We Can Hope To Be: A Generational Lens on ICTs in the Changing Workplace
Phillip Ayoub and Bridget Blodgett

Perspectives On Geographic Location: The Muslim West in Two Classification Systems
Heather Lea Moulaison

Routines That Ease the Pain: The Information World of a Dialysis Clinic
Tiffany Veinot, Chrysta Meadowbrooke, Mark Newman, Kai Zheng and Erica Perry

The Impact of User Experience Levels on Web Credibility Judgments
Rahayu Ahmad, Anita Komlodi, Jieyu Wang and Karoly Hercegfi

The Revisit Rack: Grouping Web Search Thumbnails for Optimal Visual Recognition
Rhys Morgan and Max L. Wilson

Triggering Memories with Online Maps
S. Tejaswi Peesapati, Victoria Schwanda, Johnathon Schultz and Dan Cosley