Schedule:  Panels 

Authority and Trust in Information 
Jens-Erik Mai, Don Fallis, Melanie Feinberg, Soo Young Rieh and Pnina Shachaf

Children and young people with disabilities: Breaking new grounds and bridging information worlds 
Dania Bilal, Mary Grace Flaherty, Dana Hanson Baldauf and Bharat Mehra

FRBR Implementation and User Research 
Marcia Zeng, Yin Zhang and Athena Salaba

From Education to Preservation: Emerging institutional repository services in the scholarship lifecycle 
Marisa Ramirez, Susan Wells Parham, Ann Hanlon, Bill Anderson, Shawn Martin and Stephanie Davis-Kahl

Information Challenges in Collaborative Science 
Jillian Wallis and Ayse Buyuktur

Information Science Approaches to Studying Virtual Organizations 
Gary Burnett

Information Science in Europe 
Tatjana Aparac-Jelusic, Peter Ingwersen, Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan, Colin Schmidt and Julian Warner

Integrating Informatics in Humanities Activities and Research 
Stephen Paling, Sarah Buchanan and Catherine Larkin

Knowledge Organization: Evaluating Foundation and Function in the Information Ecosystem 
Marjorie M.K. Hlava, Hollie White, Jane Greenberg, Denise Bedford and Gail Hodge

Linked Data -- Enabling Standards and Other Approaches 
Marcia Zeng, Sam Oh, Jon Phipps, Ed Summers, Mark Needleman, Gail Hodge and Jody DeRidder

Listening to Patients: How Understanding Health Information Use Can Contribute to Health Literacy Constructs 
Maria Souden, Ellen Rubenstein, Dale Brashers, Shelagh Genuis, Timothy Hogan and Tiffany Veinot

Perspectives on Adaptivity in Information Retrieval Interaction (PAIRI) 
Peter Ingwersen, Birger Larsen, Diane Kelly, Peiling Wang and Marianne Lykke

Repositioning Information Science 
Michael Buckland, Fidelia IBEKWE-SANJUAN and Kiersten Latham

Role of Communities of Practice in Recent Responses to Disasters – Tsunami, China, Haiti, and Katrina 
Denise Bedford, Iskandarsyah Bakri, Tiantian Wang, Yan Qu, Dave Yates and Erika Pryor

Testing Children’s Information Retrieval Systems: Challenges in a New Era
Jamshid Beheshti, Dania Bilal, Allison Druin and Andrew Large

Trends and Issues in the History of Information Science and Technology and the ASIST History Fund Awards Showcase 
Robert Williams, Charles Meadow and Rachel Plotnick