Schedule:  Long Papers 

You Are Not Alone:  Effects of Highlighting Social Aspects on Responsiveness, Joining, and Profile Information Sharing in an Information Portal
Brian Butler, Nikhil Sharma, Jeannie Irwin and Heiko Spallek

I’m Scared to Look. But I’m Dying to Know”:  Information Seeking and Sharing on Pro-Ana Weblogs
Rachel Fleming-May and Laura Miller

A Comparison of a Conventional Taxonomy with a 3D Visualization for use by Children
Jamshid Beheshti, Andrew Large, Charles-Antoine Julien and Marni Tam

A Diary Study of Credibility Assessment in Everyday Life Information Activities on the Web: Preliminary Findings
Soo Young Rieh, Yong-Mi Kim, Ji Yeon Yang and Beth St. Jean

A Lucrative Seat at the Table: Are Editorial Board Members Generally Over-Cited in their Own Journals? 
Tove Faber Frandsen and Jeppe Nicolaisen

A Sense-Making Approach to Making Sense of Mixed Health Information
Lei Wu and Hoyoung Ahn

A Taxonomy of Functional Units for Information Use of Scholarly Journal Articles
Lei Zhang, Rick Kopak, Luanne Freund and Edie Rasmussen

A User Study of Relevance Judgments For E-Discovery
Jianqiang Wang and Dagobert Soergel

All the World’s a Stage: Making Sense of Shakespeare
Michael Olsson

An Exploration of the Relationships between Work Tasks and Users’ Interaction Performance
Yuelin Li

Analysis and Evaluation of Query Reformulations in Different Task Types
Chang Liu, Jacek Gwizdka, Jingjing Liu, Tao Xu and Nicholas J. Belkin

Are Self-Assessments Reliable Indicators of Topic Knowledge? 
Michael J. Cole, Xiangmin Zhang, Jingjing Liu, Chang Liu, Nicholas J. Belkin, Ralf Bierig and Jacek Gwizdka

Beyond Everyday Life: Information Seeking Behavior in Deeply Meaningful and Profoundly Personal Contexts
Rachael Clemens and Amber Cushing

Beyond Size and Search: Building Contextual Mass in Digital Aggregations for Scholarly Use
Carole Palmer, Oksana Zavalina and Katrina Fenlon

Beyond Text Querying and Ranking List: How People are Searching Through Faceted Catalogs in Two Library Environments
Xi Niu and Bradley Hemminger

Bootstrapping Location Relations from Text
Wu Zheng and Catherine Blake

Comparison of Categorization Criteria across Image Genres
Mari Laine-Hernandez and Stina Westman

Crowdsourcing Credibility: The Impact of Audience Feedback on Web Page Credibility
Katherine Del Giudice

Crowdsourcing the Indexing of Film and Television Media
Gary Geisler and Geoff Willard

Developing a Detailed View of Query Reformulation: One Step in an Incremental Approach
Catherine Smith and Nina Wacholder

Developing a Meta-Inventory of Human Values
An-Shou Cheng and Kenneth Fleischmann

Digital Cultural Collections in an Age of Reuse and Remixes
Kristin R. Eschenfelder and Michelle Caswell

Dissecting the Pre-Handoff Chart Biopsy: Information Seeking in the Electronic Health Record
Brian Hilligoss

Emergency Knowledge Management and Social Media Technologies: A Case Study of the 2010 Haitian Earthquake
Dave Yates and Scott Paquette

Exploration of Adoption of Preservation Metadata in Cultural Heritage Institutions: Case of PREMIS
Daniel Alemneh and Samantha Hastings

Exploring Information Seeking Processes in Collaborative Search Tasks
Chirag Shah and Roberto González-Ibáñez

Four Epistemological Views of Information Organization Behavior on Personal Computers
Hong Zhang, Linda Smith and Michael Twidale

Helping You To Help Me: Exploring Supportive Interaction In Online Health Community
Katherine Chuang and Christopher Yang

High School Seniors’ Social Network and Other ICT Use Preferences And Concerns 
Denise Agosto and June Abbas

ImageSieve: Exploratory Search of Museum Archives with Named Entity-Based Faceted Browsing
Yiling Lin, Jaewook Ahn, Peter Brusilovsky and Daqing He

Incidental Exposure to Online News
Borchuluun Yadamsuren and Sanda Erdelez

Information Practices of Disaster Preparedness Professionals in Multidisciplinary Groups
Barbara Folb, Ellen Detlefsen, Sandra Quinn, Gerald Barron and Jeanette Trauth

Investigating Variation in Querying Behavior for Image Search on the Web
Youngok Choi

Journal Clustering Through Interlocking Editorship Information
Chaoqun Ni and Ying Ding

Mapping The Highly Collaborative Stem Cell Research Field: Adding Last-Author-Based Analysis To The Author Co-Citation Analysis Family
Dangzhi Zhao and Andreas Strotmann

Measuring Scholarly Impact in Heterogeneous Networks
Erjia Yan and Ying Ding

Media Awareness in the Age of New Media: A Case Study of Primary 4 Students in Hong Kong
Donna Chu, Sam Chu, Nicole Tavares, Felix Siu, Ken Chow and Shun Yee Ho

New Measures for the Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems: LER and MLER
Jing Cheng, P. Bryan Heidorn and Xiao Hu

On Deception and Deception Detection: Content Analysis of Computer-Mediated Stated Beliefs
Victoria Rubin

Organizing Knowledge the Chinese Way
Hur-Li Lee

Predicting Task Difficulty for Different Task Types
Jingjing Liu, Jacek Gwizdka, Chang Liu and Nicholas Belkin

Questions are Content: A Taxonomy of Questions in a Microblogging Environment
Miles Efron and Megan Winget

Resource Acquisition, Sharing, and Use in Intelligent Information Access: An Investigation of the Researchers
Jiangping Chen and Fei Li

Rule Categories for Collection/Item Metadata Relationships
Karen Wickett, Allen Renear and Richard Urban

Technology Development with an Agenda: Interventions to Emphasize Values in Design
Katie Shilton

The Goldilocks Effect: Task-Centred Assessments of E-Government
Luanne Freund and Justyna Berzowska

The Post Nonaka Concept Of Ba: Eclectic Roots, Evolutionary Paths and Future Advancements
Rivadávia Alvarenga Neto and Chun Wei Choo

The Use Of Relevance Criteria During Predictive Judgment: An Eye Tracking Approach
Panagiotis Balatsoukas and Ian Ruthven

The Use of Research Methodologies in the Knowledge Management Literature
Danny P. Wallace, Connie Van Fleet and Lacey J. Downs

Trust in Social Q&A: The Impact of Text and Photo Cues of Expertise
Jennifer Golbeck and Kenneth R. Fleischmann

Twitter for City Police Department Information Sharing
Thomas Heverin and Lisl Zach

Weaving the “Mobile Web” in the Context of ICT4D: A Preliminary Exploration of the State of the Art
Michael Dick