2010 Chapter of the Year

Log Angeles

The Chapter of the Year Award goes to the Los Angeles Chapter. The chapter is commended for its exceptional recruitment efforts and utilization of new members, timely and informative programs, projects and services that serve both current and future members, and use of technology to advance chapter business and events. The award jury noted that the chapter has an impressive array of meetings, both social and informative, which keep members engaged and looking forward to the next one. The chapter continues to support projects and services that address member needs, including providing travel scholarships to the ASIS&T Annual Meeting and sponsoring annual memberships for student members via the Margaret McKinley Scholarship. The chapter has embraced technology to efficiently communicate with each other; facilitate online board meetings to reduce member time commitments and overcome geographic challenges; manage website content, agendas, and chapter news; and record and share program content for chapter members unable to attend as well as other interested ASIS&T members around the world. 

Special Note: ASIS&T Chapter Assembly would like to congratulate all chapters on all their accomplishments this year. This award was extremely competitive this year. Each submission was packed full of successful programs, communication techniques, innovations, and service activities, which will no doubt serve as models for other chapters and our society. As a result, all chapter reports will be posted on the ASIS&T Chapter Wiki.