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From Education to Preservation: Emerging institutional repository services in the scholarship lifecycle

Marisa Ramirez, Susan Wells Parham, Ann Hanlon, Bill Anderson, Shawn Martin and Stephanie Davis-Kahl

(Submission #59)


Institutional Repository-based (IR) services are emerging to support the scholarly lifecycle throughout the phases of creation, evaluation, dissemination and preservation.

What roles and responsibilities do IR managers have in educating faculty about scholarly communication and intellectual property issues? What challenges are faced when informing scholars about open access and scholarly communication issues? How can we assess the efficacy of such educational efforts?

IRs are uniquely poised to become more involved in the university's research distribution strategy, particularly with hosting journals and conference proceedings. What are the implications when serving as a peer-review publishing platform? What kinds of workflows are needed to support this type of activity? What might be the future of the institutional repository within the larger context of the traditional publishing model?

Several IR ingest models have emerged, such as mediated deposit and author self-submission. What is the rationale for the application of a specific deposit model? Do common ingest workflows exist? Are there policies and practices that IRs can profitably share amongst one another, and conversely, are there praxis that prevent the IR community from becoming a community of practice?

While access has been a main focus of IRs, preservation services are also of value. How do current IR preservation services meet faculty needs? What preservation activities and related assurances need to be provided? Given the array of expectations that IRs must meet, what is a realistic scope of digital preservation services? Does the anticipated “research data deluge” pose uniquely challenging preservation issues for IRs?

By bringing together diverse group information professionals tasked with delivering IR services to campus, this panel session will outline many of the challenges of implementing IR services to support the scholarly lifecycle, as well as illuminate opportunities and future directions for the profession and academia alike.


Program Track:  Track 4 - Information and Knowledge Management
Submission Type:  Panel Proposal

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