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Trends and Issues in the History of Information Science and Technology and the ASIST History Fund Awards Showcase

Robert Williams, Charles Meadow and Rachel Plotnick

(Submission #58)


This panel session will review recent trends and issues in the study of the history of information science and technology and present findings from the first awards given by the ASIST History Fund. It will consist of three presentations: (1) an overview, by Robert V. Williams, of recent trends and issues and identify some of the major gaps that need to be addressed in future work; (2) a presentation by Charles Meadow, winner of the 2009 ASIST History Fund Research Grant award, of the results of his study of the history of the digital divide; (3) a presentation by Rachel Plotnick, winner of the 2009 ASIST History Fund Best Paper award, on her study of the history of a total hospital medical information system developed in the 1960’s and 1970’s.


Program Track:  Track 6 - Information and Society: Economic, Political, Social Issues
Submission Type:  Panel Proposal

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