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A New Perspective on Twitter Hashtag Use: Diffusion of Innovation Theory

Hsia-Ching Chang

(Submission #295)


Twitter is a fast growing real-time social media tool. As Twitter evolves and more and more people engage in sharing what is happening around the world, hashtag use has become a unique tagging convention to help associate Twitter messages with certain events or contexts. With pre-cursing a # symbol with a keyword, a Twitter hashtag serves as a bottom-up user-proposed tagging convention. It also embodies user participation in the process of hashtag innovation -- especially as it pertains to information organization tasks. Diffusion of innovation is a theory that helps understand the adoption of an innovation by modeling its entire life cycle from the aspects of communications and consumer interactions. Hence, diffusion theory offers insight into the spread of Twitter hashtag-use and thus informs decision-making regarding hashtag management.


Program Track:  Track 4 - Information and Knowledge Management
Submission Type:  Short Paper

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