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Encoded Descriptions at Face Value

David Dubin

(Submission #287)


For many years there have been two candidates for what, precisely, information resources are: fully abstract universals (e.g., symbol sequences, graphs, trees, relations, automata) or particular concrete arrangements of matter and energy (on paper, magnetic tape, in fiber optic cable, etc). However, conventional notions of digital object identity, location, and provenance make either type of account problematic. An information resource cannot be identified exclusively with any one of the patterned matter/energy bundles that embodies it. But unlike abstract universals, information objects are anchored to creation and modification events in time. A better understanding of the connections between these key events and the abstractions that participate in them can contribute to more satisfying descriptions of information resources.


Program Track:  Track 2 - Knowledge Organization
Submission Type:  Short Paper

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