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Learning materials reusability in higher education: elements for design digital collections from a knowledge management perspective.

Alma Rivera-Aguilera, José Téllez-Bertadillo and Victor M. Harari-Betancourt

(Submission #260)


This paper reports an exploratory reusability study of digital learning material. Materials from eight university professors and the corresponding interviews by chat were collected and analyzed from qualitative inquiry perspective and using grounded theory method. Sensitizing initial concepts from education, design, computer and information science were used in the initial approach to collect data, but the analysis results were rooted in actual material and chat texts. The research team was composed of three researchers and two assistants; group discussions led to the collection and analysis of data. The findings suggest that: (1) learning promotion, (2) access, (3) emotional appeal, (4) technical suitability, (5) effective graphical and textual communication, (6) creativity, (7) collaboration, and (8) subject authority are related to reusability. These categories offer the structural elements to design and implement digital learning material collections. The latter are the basis for knowledge management oriented systems aimed at sharing and preserving digital learning materials.


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