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Crowdsourcing the Indexing of Film and Television Media

Gary Geisler and Geoff Willard

(Submission #244)


In this paper we describe a project that explores how advances in information technology could be used to make film and television media more accessible to both scholarly and non-scholarly audiences. By indexing, at a detailed level, a range of time-synchronized and non-time-synchronized elements in a test collection of 12 films and 8 television programs, we demonstrate how structured data representing many aspects of media content can be produced in a streamlined manner, and discuss how this work could potentially be made more efficient through automated indexing. We present examples of how this data can be utilized to produce a variety of tools and artifacts that make film and television media more accessible, and suggest that crowdsourcing could be an effective strategy for implementing our work on a larger scale.


Program Track:  Track 2 - Knowledge Organization
Submission Type:  Research Paper

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