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The Revisit Rack: Grouping Web Search Thumbnails for Optimal Visual Recognition

Rhys Morgan and Max L. Wilson

(Submission #176)


Opinion and use of thumbnails in web search is still divided, despite agreement over their particular value during re-finding tasks. In this paper we introduce the idea of a Revisit Rack that, during re-finding tasks, presents thumb-nails together at the top of the page rather than beside each result, so that users can more effectively utilize visual recognition without scrolling. The results of a pilot re-finding comparison with a traditional thumbnail and text-based layout, however, were mixed. Further investigation suggests that the spatial disconnect between thumbnail and result, when a desired target is not in the Revisit Rack, may impede rather than improve performance. The study did, however, highlight several ways in which the idea of a Re-visit Rack could be more formally studied in future work.


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