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Repositioning Information Science

Michael Buckland, Fidelia IBEKWE-SANJUAN and Kiersten Latham

(Submission #133)


Three coordinated presentations will question the accepted view of Information Science as an emerging, scientific discipline closely tied with Information Technology and, mainly, textual data. First, this is not the only choice. The development of Information Science in France has been radically different from the US experience: Information Science arose in the Humanities, has been largely subsumed under Communication Studies, and distanced from Information Technology. Second, the scope has been too narrow. The focus has been too narrow. For example, people’s ideas are influenced works of art. Can Information Science cope with issues of museum presentation and the cognitive and aesthetic experiences of museum visitors? Third, character: What kind of science could Information Science be?


Program Track:  Track 6 - Information and Society: Economic, Political, Social Issues
Submission Type:  Panel Proposal

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