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Comparison of categorization criteria across image genres

Mari Laine-Hernandez and Stina Westman

(Submission #120)


This paper describes a comparison of categorization criteria across different image genres. Two separate experiments were conducted, where naïve participants freely sorted (i.e. categorized) stock photographs and abstract/surreal graphics. The results were compared to a previous study on magazine image categorization. Stock photographs were categorized mostly based on the presence of people, and whether they depicted objects or scenes. For abstract images, visual attributes were used the most to describe image categories. The lightness/darkness of the images and their user-evaluated abstractness/representativeness also emerged as important criteria for categorization. We found that image categorization criteria for magazine and stock photographs are fairly similar, while the bases for categorizing abstract images differ more from the former two, most notably in the use of visual sorting criteria. However, according to the results of this study, people tend to use descriptors related to both image content and image production technique and style, as well as to interpret the affective impression of the images in a way that remains constant across image genres.


Program Track:  Track 2 - Knowledge Organization
Submission Type:  Research Paper

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