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Triggering memories with online maps

S. Tejaswi Peesapati, Victoria Schwanda, Johnathon Schultz and Dan Cosley

(Submission #103)


The increasing popularity of applications that share location information over the internet enables the mapping of people's pictures and activities. Today's location-aware applications are primarily focused on the now, and ignore the importance of places and stories from the past. In this paper, we present an initial step towards using technology to support reminiscing by using place as a trigger for memories. People had a wide variety of strategies for choosing which places they remembered and the stories they told about those places; on balance they liked the idea of using maps as a tool for reminiscing, suggesting that this is a promising line of inquiry for further work.


Program Track:  Track 3 - Information Systems, Interactivity and Design
Submission Type:  Short Paper

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