Planned and Situated Aspects in Interactive IR: Patterns of User Interactive Intentions and Information Seeking Strategies

Hong (Iris) Xie
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey


A central problem for IR is posed by the need to support a variety of interactive information seeking strategies, and provide ways to guide users adaptively as they employ different seeking strategies. This study addresses the issue by investigating the relationships between users' information seeking goals and their information seeking behaviors. The particular focus of this study is to specify hierarchical levels of user goals, and to investigate the micro-level goal labeled "interactive intention" in relation to information seeking strategies. This research is conducted within the framework of IR as interaction, and attempts to address the relationship between planned and situated aspects of IR interaction. The data used for this study were collecte d as part of a larger user study. A total of 40 users with their own information seeking problems from three types of libraries were selected, and the analysis illustrates how changes in "interactive intentions" are related to information seeking strateg ies. In a preliminary analysis, seven types of interactive intentions and those intention-based information seeking strategies emerged. Furthermore, several types of interactive intention shifts and information seeking strategy shifts were identified.