Reference Information Acquisition and Coordination

Martin Doerr
Institute of Computer Science - FORTH, Heraklion, Crete, Greece


Reference information, i.e. thesauri and any other kind of authority data, are critical for the intellectual access to the growing heterogeneous digital collections in wide area networks, be it to enhance precision and recall of information retrieval systems or for the manual classification of "non-verbose" objects as museum artifacts, images and music. These data sets become huge semantic networks, which are better produced by multiple experts world-wide in an appropriate CSCW environment. We present the core data structure of such a system, which defines a suitable granularity of information to handle simultaneously multiple versions, opinions and multilingual data structures. Building on the experience from previous work on thesaurus management systems and respective co-operations, we propose an architecture for the overall coordination system. Besides technical issues, questions on required international cooperation practices and standards emerge.