Hello World! Welcome to The ASIS&T Blog!

This is Diane Rasmussen Pennington, ASIS&T’s Social Media Manager. I manage our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn presences… and, now, the blog!

This blog is meant to be a forum for any issues related to information science. I’d love to see lively discussions and shared ideas about our field in this virtual space. Anyone can post. Do you have a research idea you’d like to share? Best practice tips in your specialty? Want to comment on a new JASIST article? Anything else? If you would like to post, email me at diane@asis.org, and I’ll be happy to create an author account for you. I will maintain editorial oversight as the Social Media Manager, but I will not censor anyone or control topics; I will just check for appropriateness (no sales, etc.) and for correct grammar and formatting.

Academics: we can’t call this a “peer-reviewed” publication for P & T purposes, but I think the argument can and should be made that scholars should contribute to these types of forums more often because, in many ways, work posted on a blog is more visible – and gains a wider readership – than writing that is published in some LIS journals. Additionally, your work can and will be critiqued by more peers on an active blog than the 2-4 reviewers that a journal editor will assign to your article. I’m not discounting the need to publish in academic journals; I still strive for them, but they are perhaps a sign of the evolving nature of scholarly communication.

Let’s see how this goes – active and engaging, I hope! I’ll be posting some things in the coming weeks, and I’ll be recruiting posts from other ASIS&T members and others in the LIS community. I look forward to hearing from you… now, where’s that switch I need to flip…?


About Diane Rasmussen Pennington

Dr. Diane Rasmussen Pennington is, among other things, the Social Media Manager of the Association for Information Science and Technology.
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