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Ghosts in the System: LIS and the Unexplained

Introduction As we approach the midpoint of Autumn, which signals the end of harvest season (at least in certain northern latitudes) and the impending approach of winter, it’s hard not to think of a holiday that’s a particular favorite of … Continue reading

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Solutionism?

Summary Who doesn’t like to think that all problems should have some kind of solution? While no one is immune to this desire, solving problems can also bring about new ones. Many of us may know this, whether from personal … Continue reading

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Defining Musical Similarity: Genre and Beyond

Summary Musical similarity is typically equated with genre, whether reflected directly within various categorization systems, or indirectly within recommender systems. However, taking into account (1) the ways in which genres are constructed, (2) the common musical facets / traits (and … Continue reading

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