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Judit Bar-Ilan
SIG Member of the Year 

History & Foundation of Information Science (HFIS)
SIG of the Year

SIG Publication of the Year
SIG III's 30th Anniversary Commemorative Publication

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are chartered by the Board of Directors to give members with similar professional specialties the opportunity to exchange ideas and keep themselves informed about current and discrete developments in their fields. The activities of the SIGs, planned by their members and elected  officers, provide clear indication of the diverse interests and needs of ASIS&T members. Through participation in SIGs, you can help design what, in essence, are small professional organizations within the broader national society. Only ASIS&T members can belong to SIGs, though each member can belong to as many SIGs as desired. Current SIGs and their chairs and a brief description of each SIG's activities are listed below. You can join SIGS by going to the membership section of this Web site. For more information about a particular SIG, contact the SIG's chair.

Each SIG has it's own e-mail list (online discussion group).  Click here for E-Mail List instructions!

The SIG Cabinet Steering Committee,  which assists the SIG Cabinet Director in conducting Cabinet business, includes:

Kathryn La Barre, SIG Cabinet Director, 2013-2014
Heather D. Pfeiffer, Deputy SIG Cabinet Director, 2013-2014
Sarah Buchanan, Advisor, 2012-2014
Moriana Garcia, Advisor, 2013-2015
Cassidy Sugimoto, Advisor, 2012-2014
Lynn Westbrook, Advisor, 2012-2014
Chris Landbeck, Immediate Past SIG Cabinet Director

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)