SIG Annual Activities Report Form



Please use this form and checklist to file your SIG Activities Report and to apply for the SIG-of-the-Year.  SIGs wishing to be considered for SIG-of-the-Year must submit this form by August 15th, otherwise it's due by September 15th. If any answers exceed the space provided, please submit a complete response in a separate email.

SIG Activities Report Form


Special Interest Group (SIG):


Submitted by:


SIG Office Title:




Phone #:


Fiscal Year:
(e.g., FY14 = Oct. 2013 - Sept. 2014)



 Current Chair: 

 Other officers:


Do you wish to be considered for the SIG-of-the-Year Award?  Yes   No

1.  Did your SIG hold a planning meeting at the last annual meeting?  Yes   No
2.  Who represented your SIG at the SIG Cabinet meeting at the last ASIS&T annual meeting?
3.  Please list the names of the new leaders in your SIG who may be interested in getting involved in other areas of ASIS&T:

4.  Describe any efforts your SIG made especially designed to recruit new members or retain members (e.g., welcome letters, calls or visits, etc.).


5.  What programs, including those presented at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting, did your SIG sponsor or cosponsor  during the fiscal year?  (e.g., continuing education programs, regional meetings, webinars, promotional activities for your SIG or ASIS&T, career guidance, ongoing services, etc.).  Please list the name of the program, speakers involved, date and location, estimated attendance, revenue and expenses, a brief description of each program, and other participating organization or ASIS&T units, if applicable.


6.  Describe the publications your SIG produced during the activity period (e.g., newsletters, technical publications, pathfinders, joint publications, etc.).  Briefly describe those publications here, indicate the publication frequency and intended audience, and enclose a copy of each publication (or provide the URL) with this report.


7.  Describe your SIG's participation in other noteworthy activities during the period (e.g., participation in a public effort, such as, legislative hearing, standards committee, representation at meetings of other organizations, etc.). 


8.  Please include any other comments you would like to make about your SIG's activities during the period.