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KM Bibliographies

  ASIS&T SIG-KM Bibliography  (our very own).
  A Guide to the Literature in Knowledge Management (Stewart Mohr).  This guide is intended to provide an introduction to the different sources of information concerning knowledge management. It is not intended to be an exhaustive bibliography.
  KMC International Resource Bibliography.
  Knowledge Nurture Library. From the Buckman Laboratories website for Knowledge Management.

KM Education 

  World List of Departments and Schools of Information Studies, Information Management, Information Systems, etc. from the University of Sheffield's Department of Information Studies. (Maintained by Professor Tom Wilson.)
  IMS Resources List Interoperability (RLI) Project Team Charter. An IMS/CNI white paper on learning management system and digital library interoperability.
  Knowledge Management Explorer > University Sites
These universities maintain knowledge management sites or departments/centers that research and contribute to the evolution of knowledge management. Prepared by IKM Corporation.
  Kent State has a graduate program in Information Architecture & Knowledge Management (IAKM).
  ICASIT (International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology)  The director is Professor Stephen R. Ruth of George Mason University.

 Indiana University's Master of Information Science degree focuses on the social and behavioral dimensions of information technology. M.I.S. students can select clusters of courses to prepare for specific careers in knowledge management, systems analysis and design, information brokerage, competitive intelligence, and database development and marketing, for example. Course Syllabi available online.

  George Washington University's Engineering Management & Systems Engineering department offers a graduate program in Knowledge Management. {Note: the link to is also worth exploring.] .
  The Master of Science in Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University focuses on the applied areas of Learning & Performance, Knowledge Management and Strategic Change.
  The Department of Media Arts, Communication and Information at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) has an Information and Knowledge Management Program.
  The Master of Arts in Communication and Technology at the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta offers a course entitled Knowledge Management and Communications Technologies

KM Endeavors  

  AOK:  Association of Knowledgework -- an environment where people from every specialty cross professional, cultural, economic and hierarchical barriers to learn together
  World Bank:   sharing knowledge to fight poverty.
  Global Knowledge Economics Council: Supported by the Innovation Management Institute,the Global Knowledge Economics Council (GKEC) is a not-for-profit organization formed to discuss and select macro-, meso-, micro-, and firm-level plans, policies, and metrics to measure and increase efficiency of knowledge markets and the quality of knowledge at all levels.

KM Events 

  SLA Information Industry Calendar

KM Metrics  

  The Intangible Assets Monitor. A method for measuring intangible assets developed by Karl-Erik Sveiby in 1996 for which there are a number of examples.

KM Publications

  Elsevier Science Publication Knowledge-Based Systems
  Elsevier Science Publication International Journal of Information Management
  Idea Group Publication International Journal of Knowledge Management
  Emerald Publication Journal of Knowledge Management
  Palgrave Macmilan Publication Knowledge Management Research & Practice
  Kluwer Publication Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  Springer Publication Knowledge and Information Systems
  Wiley Publication Knowledge and Process Management
  Online Publication Journal of Information & Knowledge Management
  Online Publication Knowledge Management for Development Journal
  CIO Magazine Section Knowledge Management Resource Center
  News Alert on KM category newswire coverage
  Online Publication KM World Online
  Denham Gray's list of KM News Sources .
  Denham Gray's list of KM Forums

Other Links  

  From the "Montague Institute Review" -- Web journal for a cross-functional audience interested in knowledge management and knowledge base publishing. Some articles require membership.:

  • "Measuring intellectual assets" -- Brief description of 12 ways to measure or value intellectual assets. Cross functional point of view.
  • "Upstream knowledge management" -- Contrasts "upstream" KM that is focused on individual experts and teams with "downstream" KM that is focused on enterprise-wide efforts. Case history of an upstream application.
  • "Going virtual" -- Converting a physical library into an electronic information network can save money, improve productivity, and even turn a cost center into a profit center. Audience is R&D lab managers.
  From, a Biz-Tech Network.

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