Please feel free to contact any of the current officers if you have questions about SIG-DL:
Chair Marisa L. Ramirez
Chair-elect Pro Tem Kevin Comerford
Communications Tina Jayroe
Treasurer Lizzy Rolando
Membership Anne Diekema
Web Master Dot Porter
Past Chair Susan Wells Parham

There are lots of reasons to join ASIS&T including:

  • Access to the Digital Library
  • Discounts on conferences
  • Copies of our publications
  • Membership in SIGs
  • Ability to post jobs in Jobline


Are you a SIG-DL member yet? SIG-DL is the Digital Libraries Special Interest Group of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T).

Here is why we think you should join ASIS&T and SIG-DL:

  1. Members have the opportunity to participate in ongoing discussion of the issues affecting digital libraries

  2. Members interact with an international community of scholars and practitioners in the digital library field

  3. Members receive job postings related to digital libraries and information science positions

  4. Members have access to pre-publication results of research from digital library initiatives

  5. Members receive conference announcements

  6. Members receive a subscription to the Journal of the Association for Information Science & Technology and the Bulletin of ASIS&T

  7. Membership provides access to other publications of the Society, including conference proceedings

Please join us!