Call for Submissions – SIG DL First Quarter Newsletter – Deadline: March 7th

ASIS&T SIG DL Welcomes submissions for our Winter Newsletter!

SIG DL is now accepting pieces for our Winter Newsletter. Those interested in contributing should email SIG DL Newsletter Editor Zachary Frazier at with contributions before 5:00pm PST, March 7th, 2016. We are soliciting proposals in the following categories:

News: Let us know what happened to you last quarter (October, November, December): This includes accomplishments (Did you post a new collection? Win an award?), grants received, new positions (have an opening? Let us know so we can help you find the best person!), new hires (just fill an opening? Let the community know), & new events (holding a conference workshop or training this spring?).

Dispatches, short works, or case studies: Tell the community about the research that you are doing, share insights from your latest project or feature roll outs, or submit a short paper based on your on-going research.

Fiction, Poetry, and Miscellany: Do you work in a digital library? Do you have a poem about finding something online? Are you a scholar who writes short fiction about the organization of content? Send submit your quirky content.

Pictorials: Works in which the visual components (e.g. diagrams, sketches, screenshots, story boards, and renderings,) are accompanied by text meant to illuminate the component, as opposed to work in which visuals serve to illustrate concepts in the text. Do you have a particularly great interface for your DL or technology? Show it off, and submit a pictorial.*

Please send submission with the subject line “SIGDL NEWSLETTER: <category><Your submission title>”.

Additionally we ask that submissions are in a commonly available format (IE, .DOCX, .PDF, JPEG, etc.).

*Pictorals may be cropped or resized for publication.