ARTICLE VI – Executive Committee

Section 1. The Executive Committee of the SIG shall consist of the SIG officers plus any SIG member the chair wishes to include. The Executive Committee shall conduct and manage the affairs of the SIG, subject to these bylaws and the ASIST Bylaws and existing policy, and shall possess all powers necessary or incidental to that purpose, including the right to appropriate and expend SIG funds. If the SIG maintains its own bank account(s), the Executive Committee must ensure that the Executive Director of ASIST is a signatory on all accounts.

Section 2. A SIG office can be declared vacant by the SIG Executive Committee or by the SIG Cabinet Director. In the event of a vacancy in a SIG office other than that of the Chair, the SIG Executive Committee shall appoint a member to the office until the next regular election for that office, but an appointee filling a vacancy in the position of Chair-elect shall not become Chair as provided in Article V, Section 2; rather, a Chair shall be elected at the next regular election.

Section 3. In the event that all SIG offices become vacant at one time, the SIG Cabinet Director shall appoint SIG members to serve as Chair and Chair-elect until such time as official elections can be held.

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