ARTICLE V – Duties of Officers

Section 1. The Chair is elected to serve for a one-year term (unless two-year terms are provided in the SIG’ s Operating Rules) and shall preside over all SIG meetings. The Chair shall appoint all committee chairs and members and act as Chair of the Nominating Committee. It is the responsibility of the Chair to develop and implement the SIG’s annual activity plan, which shall be filed with the SIG Cabinet Director and headquarters within 30 days after the Chair takes office. In addition, if the SIG does not have a Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer, the Chair is responsible for submitting the annual activity plan to the SIG Cabinet Director by August 15, and for keeping records of all meetings and activities. At the close of the year, the outgoing Chair must submit an activity report during the SIG’s annual business meeting.

Section 2. The Chair-elect is elected to serve for a term of one year (unless a two-year term is provided in the SIG’s Operating Rules) and automatically becomes Chair at the end of that term. The Chair-elect works closely with the Chair in planning and executing SIG programs, and shall assume the duties of the Chair in the event of the Chair’s absence, resignation or death.

Section 3. The Chair as Cabinet Representative and the Chair-elect as Alternate Cabinet Representative shall represent the SIG at meetings of the SIG Cabinet. In the event that the Chair and Chair-elect cannot attend a SIG Cabinet meeting, the Chair shall appoint a substitute and notify the Cabinet Director in advance of the meeting.

Section 4. If a SIG chooses to include among its officers a Secretary or Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer, it must be indicated in the SIG’s Operating Rules whether the position is elected or appointed. The Operating Rules must also indicate the length of time (one or two years) that the person will serve. The Secretary or Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer shall carry out the customary functions of these offices, and shall execute the decisions and policies of the Executive Committee. The Secretary or Secretary/Treasurer shall keep records of all meetings and activities and submit an annual activity plan to the SIG Cabinet Director by August 15.

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