The Special Interest Group on Digital Libraries is one of several groups chartered by the Board of Directors of ASIS&T to give members with similar professional specialties the opportunity to exchange ideas and keep themselves informed about current and discrete developments in their fields. Only ASIS&T members can belong to SIGs.

SIG-DL provides a forum for discussion about research, development and use of digital libraries in corporate, academic and public contexts.

It is concerned with all aspects of digital library design and implementation including, but not limited to: copyright issues, networked infrastructures, interoperability of distributed databases, database management, policies and standards in relation to the digitization of material, metadata, preservation, providing electronic access, authentication, software, hardware, peopleware, and project management.

SIG-DL also works to facilitate increased international, interdisciplinary and inter-societal collaboration focusing on digital libraries and related issues.

SIG-DL Membership

Interested in joining our group? SIG/DL is an active community of researchers and practitioners that work in different aspects of Digital Libraries. Membership to the group will help you to be up top date on new developments in these areas. We also hope that you will become an active participant of the group activities such as the ASIS&T Conference Panels, the listserv and our wiki.

When you join ASIS&T you can choose to join the SIG/DL group.

SIG-DL Annual Reports

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SIG-DL Bylaws


Approved by Board, 2/2/82; Amended 10/2/86; Amended 5/20/87; Amended 5/25/99.

SIGDLbylaws [PDF]