About SIG-DL

Welcome to the Special Interest Group in Digital Libraries (SIG-DL). We are a special interest group of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T).

SIG-DL provides a forum for discussion about research, development, and use of digital libraries in corporate, academic, and public contexts.

It is concerned with all aspects of digital library design and implementation including:

  • copyright issues
  • networked infrastructures
  • interoperability of distributed databases
  • database management
  • policies and standards in relation to the digitization of material
  • metadata
  • preservation
  • providing electronic access and authentication
  • software, hardware, and peopleware
  • project management

SIG-DL also works to facilitate increased international, interdisciplinary and inter-societal collaboration focusing on digital libraries and related issues.


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SIG-DL is an active community of researchers and practitioners. Membership will keep you up-to-date on new developments in digital libraries.

We also hope that you will become an active participant in group activities, such as ASIS&T conference panels, the mailing list and our wiki.

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Approved by Board, 2/2/1982; Amended 10/2/1986; Amended 5/20/1987; Amended 5/25/1999.

SIGDLbylaws [PDF]