Past Symposiums

SIG USE 2008 8th Annual Research Symposium at ASIST 2008: Future Directions: Information Behavior in design & the making of relevant research. October 20, 2007, Columbus, OH.


SIG USE 2007 7th Annual Research Symposium at ASIST 2007: Mobility and Social Networks in Information Behavior. October 20, 2007, Milwaukee, WI.


SIG USE 2006 6th Annual Research Symposium at ASIST 2006: Information Realities: Exploring Affective and Emotional Aspects in Information Seeking and Use. November 4, 2006


SIG USE 2005 5th Annual Research Symposium at ASIST 2005: Connecting Research and Practice: Special Populations. October 29, 2005, Charlotte, NC. Sponsored in part by Information Today.

Introductory presentation:
The Burden of Being Special: Adding Methodological Clarity to Defining, Researching, and Serving Special by Brenda Dervin, Professor of Communication and Joan N. Huber Fellow in Social and Behavioral Sciences, Ohio State University
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2004 Symposium: [Funding Opportunities for Information Behavior Research]


2003 Symposium: [Theoretical Frameworks of Information Behavior]


2002 Symposium: [Measuring Search Behaviors] Charles Meadow's ["On Measurements in User Studies"]


2001 Symposium: [Effective Methods for Studying Information Seeking and Use]