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SIG/STI: Programs/Events

Upcoming Events:

SIG/STI is currently planning programs for the next ASIST Annual Meeting. For more information, please contact the SIG/STI officers.

Past Events:

6-11 November, 2009 - ASIST Annual Meeting (Vancouver, BC)

24-29 October 2008 - ASIST Annual Meeting (Columbus, OH)

19-24 October 2007 - ASIST Annual Meeting (Milwaukee, WI)

3-9 November 2006 - ASIST Annual Meeting (Austin, TX)

August 2006 - SIG/STI Newsletter

December 2005 - SIG/STI Newsletter

2-4 December 2005 - DASER 2
SIG/STI co-sponsored the second ASIST Summit on Digital Archives for Science & Engineering Resources (DASER 2) which took place in College Park, Maryland.

28 October-2 November 2005 - ASIST Annual Meeting (Charlotte, NC)

SIG/STI Programs:

13-18 November 2004 - ASIST Annual Meeting (Providence, RI)

SIG/STI Programs:

21-23 November 2003 - DASER

SIG/STI co-sponsored the ASIST Summit on Digital Archives for Science & Engineering Resources (DASER) which took place 21-23 November 2003, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This summit conference explored issues surrounding the creation of digital archives, including standards, repository systems, long-term preservation and handling large data sets.

19-22 October 2003 - ASIST Annual Meeting
(Long Beach, CA)

SIG/STI Programs:

18-21 November 2002 - ASIST Annual Meeting
(Philadelphia, PA)

SIG/STI Programs:

9 June 2002

The 7th quadrennial Tri-Society Symposium was held Sunday, June 9, 2002 during the Special Libraries Association Annual Conference in Los Angeles. The theme for the symposium was "Electronic Chemistry Collections: Dealing with Chemistry Resources in Electronic Formats." For more information, see the website of the SLA Chemistry Division.

2-8 November 2001 - ASIST Annual Meeting
(Washington, DC)

SIG/STI Programs:


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