SIG/STI Minutes

SIG-STI Business Meeting
ASIS&T Annual Meeting
November 10, 2009

Attendees: Joe Hourcle, Phil Edwards, Michael Leach, Airong Luo, Gail Hodge, Heather Piwowar, Neil Smallhauser, John D’Ignazio

Agenda items:

  • Conference Planning
  • New officers
  • Travel awards
  • Membership


How do you indicate SIG membership?
Relationship to inactive list dwellers
Benefits of large membership

Update on change of membership – smorgasboard of all SIGS for one flat fee

Update on annual meeting change – Workshops at end now. What’s happening to panels? Not elimination but a push for something different & more interactive. Need to tie our ideas to tracks/streams set up by program committee.

Plan a workshop on data-sharing?
- Overlap in topic with planned metrics workshop. Opportunity for collaboration and workshop cosponsor -- Citation of data sets? – metrics of this. International Association of Science and Technical Information – DOI? Harvard U? Nothing is standardized
- Strive for SIG interaction over year not just at Annual
- Dublin Core Science stuff – next year DC meeting will adjoin ASIS&T annual -- workshop at end would require people to stay too long

Publishing a book or article?
Earth and Space Scientist has something coming but highly technical. If you want to involve practitioners writing is not the ticket

Workshop idea:
A paired strategy: one practitioner/one academic to create case studies – raises profile of group – have to be substantial, that’s a problem – proprietary aspects? One ASIS&T member/one non-member to compete with case study. If good, non-member gets funding to come to annual meeting. Collab with arts and humanities? Involve SIG-DL with their lists. Need direct marketing to academic librarians for promotion.
- Study questionnaire or some other method would surface best practices

Other Panel ideas:
- Translational medicine from bench to bed – w/ SIG Health. Related to Translation from pure science to media accounts
- Science & social media. New forms of scientific journals -- would take advantage of call for demos –PubMed – new journal – rapid research reports; ArXiv issue of public comment, indexing, versioning; Nature something or other; PLOS currents w/ SIG BLOG, DL, HEALTH
- Political issues – sharing your data across boundaries

Slate of officers for 2009/2010 elected:

  • Airong Luo – chair
  • Michael Leach – chair elect
  • John D’Ignazio – past chair
  • Heather Piwowar – secretary/treasurer
  • Communications (continuing) - Bob Downs
  • Webmaster (continuing) - Darcy Duke
  • Awards Coordinator – discontinued as there are no awards to be administered
3 January 2011