SIG/STI Minutes

SIG- STI Business Meeting
ASIS&T Annual Meeting, Columbus OH
October 27, 2008


  • Officer reports
  • Transfer of chair and awards for previous officers
  • Election of new officers
  • Outreach
  • Workshop @ next annual meeting
  • Sessions for next year

1. Officer Reports

  • Currently 333 members: 166 individuals, 167 institutions
  • $666 in the current funds ~$450 for the funds going forward
  • Weimao Ke, doctoral student winner from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, received the CAS Student Travel Award: took a photo

2. Transfer of Chair: Officially transferred the chair from Phillip Edwards lately of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill to John D'Ignazio, of Syracuse University

3. Recruitment of new officers: (includes a brief description of the positions) officer candidates were elected as a slate unanimously

  • Chair elect (learning position to help the chair) - Airong Luo of the University of Michigan
  • Secretary/Treasurer (takes notes at the annual planning meeting, watches the budget, communicates with ASIS&T headquarters to issue checks: cover part of annual operating cost of CHMINF-L listserv, help out non-ASIST members to travel to Annual Meetings and serve as STI-sponsored panelists,) - Elisabeth Jones of the University of Washington
  • Communications officer (vets the listserv and does the newsletter): nomination in absentia from the new chair: Robert Downs of Columbia University's Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN)
  • Awards coordinator (arranges money transfer from CAS for the student travel award, runs selection process for award) - no change Jian Qin of Syracuse University has held this position for many years
  • Webmaster - no change Darcy Duke of MIT has held this position for many years; Debate about merging with the communications position by having a wiki rather than the website

4. Outreach

  • Is there something the SIG needs to do to get new members or reach out to the association
  • Several panels at current and recent annual meetings that should have the SIG's name on it given the topic but doesn't. If that SIG does all the work, people aren't pleased when other SIGs appear and take the credit implicitly by appearing on the program
    • Solution: the SIG should push more to participate/share on panels
    • Solution: Two staff should participate in the all SIG meeting to cover more bases of interest and set up collaborations
  • Is there a way to reach out to data scientists/data librarians to let them know about ASIST and SIG/STI? There is a growing need for such positions and people are filling them - they should be involved and join.
  • As the SIG thinks about panels, we should focus on how the information is handled and viewed internationally

5. Proposed panels for next year's Annual Meeting

  • Sharing data across boundaries - 3 speakers from at least three diff countries (at least one from Canada). Also three disciplines - would be a hat trick! panel shepherd: Joe Hourcle/Gail Hodge
  • Data librarian / data scientist: best practices/ongoing projects - panel shepherd: Jian Qin/Elizabeth Jones
  • Social practices of data sharing in Int'l Librarianship (developed vs. developing) - panel shepherd: Airong Luo
  • Education of science data curation: strategies for student recruitment, teaching methods, balancing scientist participation, curriculum development - panel shepherd: John D'Ignazio

6. Workshop: (1/2 day or whole day) - Training Session on How to do Data Librarianship - a DASER conference

  • May have problems because they are looking for funding from NSF & next year's conf is in Canada
  • Could propose doing it with local SIG (PNW) as workshop in Seattle the weekend before ASIST and get sponsorship from Boeing/Microsoft- decided to pursue this idea
20 November 2008