SIG/STI Minutes

SIG-STI Business Meeting
ASIS&T Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, WI
October 22, 2007

I. Transfer of the Chair

Robin Peek welcomed 13 attendees [Phil has a list of attendess that could be added here] and passed stickers to Phil Edwards as the new chair. Phil noted that the minutes from last year’s meeting were posted on the website. These minutes were approved by voice vote.

II. Election of Officers

Phil requested nominations from the floor. Tabled to end of meeting due to silence.

III. CAS student travel grant

Jian Qin reported that there were no applications for the grant this year, and thus no award. ACS’ Chemical Abstract Service has nevertheless agreed to continue the program for the following year. Applications will be received in late June or early July of 2008 for attendance at the next annual meeting. SIG officers serve as the award jury; they rate each applicant, and the applicant with the highest rating is chosen as the recipient. The awards coordinator writes letters to the recipient and CAS announcing the award in August, and CAS sends the check directly to ASIST to be held until the Annual Meeting.

IV. Financial Report Outgoing Secretary/Treasurer

John D’ignazio reported on the state of the SIG’s finances and membership count: fund balance of $870 based on 140 individual memberships and 183 institutional memberships. That figure includes the full amount of our account rolled over from the previous year, instead of the usual 50 percent deducted to the general SIG fund. A question was raised about whether in the future money is needed to promote the SIG’s identity. HQ covered the sticker costs this year.

V. Speaker Fees Policy

A commitment was made to cover $500 of the travel costs for participation of one non-member/practitioner to be a panelist at the 2007 annual meeting. In the prior year there were two such commitments at $400 apiece. A question was raised as to whether we need a policy to govern the recruitment of panelists given that this is such a large amount for our SIG budget to cover. It was agreed that such contribution is worth subsidizing to bring in reports and issues from the field into the conference. What do other SIGs do about this? The outgoing chair described the need for a policy with a fixed amount set and to be communicated via our website.

VI. Session Proposal Planning for 2008 ASIS&T

Phil sought proposals to take to the all SIGS meeting. It’s good to have ideas ready and continue the successful collaborations STI has had with other SIGS in the past – including two examples for sessions at the present meeting. Should orient ideas to conference theme of next year: People Transforming Information - Information Transforming People. Joe Hourcle & Gail Hodge – tracking of data provenance which is important to have in trusting the data. There are cross disciplinary issues in releasing the data for use – producers worry about misappropriation. (Possible partners: CR/KM. Karen Baker of UCSD & Jian Qin: hold a preconference for a group of information specialists/managers who are embedded amongst scientists. Wants to broaden practice and theory for information managers to share and bring in new theories for the embeds. Would cover technical and informational aspects. Definition of information professional? Is it narrow or broad? Response: Broad. Focus on precon would then promote a presence in main conference. Factors in favor of a preconference: justified in terms of scope, interest, and a workshop- y nature. Will use a year-long CFP process: 2 or 3 people working together for proposal making by spring deadline. Review in summer. Can bring in practice and theory because there are many people doing related work in social informatics and sociotechnical areas. Similar in plan to DASER. One day close to conference works well. Michael Leach suggested the need of a 4-month lead time to let people know about CFP for planning & paper-writing. Include Posters. Need to show HQ that you’ll make or at least break-even on money. Does precon fit with DASER? CODATA? DASER IV is in hold mode because of 3rd DCC happening in DC.Gail Hodge is tasked as the SIG’s liaison from last year. John D. & Robin P. – data curation education / teaching new skills for information managers to handle problems with interface and silo’d environment (SIG partners might be DL/ED/LT/SI/USE). Would have to be careful not to repeat DCC in DC program in December. Phil & John & ???-- Novel format proposal alá speed meeting to talk about what’s happening and focus on impact of digital objects. Would cover a wide-rangin topic cutting across all SIGs


Each SIG has a Wiki. Should the SIG move our stuff from our website to the Wiki?

VIII. Election of Officers revisited

Slate proposed:

  • John D'Ignazio (chair elect)
  • Tina O’Grady (secretary/treasurer)
  • Joe Hourclé (continuing as communication officer)
  • Jian Qin (continuing as awards officer)
  • Darcy Duke (continuing as Webmaster)

Nominations seconded and approved by voice vote.

Meeting concluded.

John D'Ignazio
School of Information Studies
Syracuse University
12 December 2007