SIG/STI Minutes

SIG-STI Planning Meeting
ASIS&T Annual Meeting, October 31, 2005

Members present:

Pat Flanagan, Ann Eagan, Hilary Davis, Phil Edwards, Jon Jablonski, George Ryerson, Ruth Fenske, Penny O’Connor, KT Vaughan, Burcu Tonrikulu, Steve Hardin, Kent Palmer, Erja Kajosalo, Bill Opperman, Jim Campbell, Robin Peek, Gail Hodge, Bonnie Carroll

The minutes from the 2004 meeting were approved.


Michael Leach spoke to advocate for having DASER 3 as a pre-conference to the 2006 meeting.  This would interfere with our traditional implementation of the Tri-Society program (held once every four years and rotating between the 3 societies:  ACS, SLA, and ASIS&T).  DASER 2 is being held this December at U Maryland College Park.  Details are available at  The theme for DASER 3 would be “What is the future of science libraries?”

Erja asked that engineering libraries be included as well.

Jim wondered if the topic would be passé by 2006. 

Robin thinks that SIG-ED would be interested in working on this topic with us.

In response to a question from Jon, Michael said that 90 people were at (and are expected at) DASER 1 and 2.  100 would be a goal for DASER 3 as a pre-conference.

Michael is interested in volunteers to help out with organizing.  (KT passed around a sign up sheet for those that want to be included in the conversation.)

Erja and KT discussed how DASER 3 could function as the Tri-Society Symposium, which is our turn to host next year. 

Gail mentioned that we must be careful not to lose those interested in digital archives in the process.

KT:  this is essentially proposing to change the format of the Tri-Society.

Is there any interest in including ACRL in the planning?

Erja agreed to contact ACS/CINF about our plans.  KT will act as go-between with ACS.

Introductions were made and Burcu Tonrikulu was presented with this year’s CAS Student Travel Award.

Phil Edwards was put forward as a candidate for Secretary/Treasurer and Robin Peek was put forward as Chair Elect.  KT moved to accept the volunteers as officers.  Steve seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

2006 Program Planning

After discussion, it was decided to put forward 4 proposals for next year’s annual.

1. Institutional Repositories and LIS Education (shepherd: Robin)

As Institutional Repositories become more and more prominent, it will become necessary to start exposing librarians-in-training to the associated technological and scholarly publishing issues.    Data management will be important in this realm as well.  Possibly to be co-sponsored with SIG-ED.

2. Scientific Visualization (shepherd: Pat)

There may be interest from federal agencies in presenting on this topic.  Someone from Drexel was put forward as a recommentation.

3. National-Level Info-Seeking Survey (shepherd: KT)

KT and Brad Hemlinger will most likely propose a panel (preferably) or possibly a paper on the next phase of their survey scheme.

4. Data Access  (shepherd: Jian)

Various NIH / NSF proposals are creating a big stir in this arena.  The Science Commons was mentioned.  Possibly get one speaker each on:  policy, technology, and architecture.  There’s a lot of ground here, this might spill onto two panels.

Pat described the next steps.  Jian, Pat, and Jon will go to the SIG planning meeting on Wednesday.  If the proposals float, the shepherds will be responsible for submitting formal proposals.  Other points were added:  the planning group wants more substantive, longer proposals.  An exact list of speakers is not necessary, but specific individuals should be mentioned.
9 December 2005