SIG/STI Minutes

Annual Planning Meeting, 22 November 2004
Notes by Jon Jablonski with additional comments from Pat Flanagan in blue

The annual SIG-STI business meeting was held on Monday, November 22 at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting.

3 items of business were brought to the meeting:

  • Tri-Society Symposium, 2006
  • Election of new officers
  • 2005 ASIST Meeting planning

Tri-Society Symposium, 2006

KT Vaughn reminded us that the relevant divisions of ACS, ASIST, and SLA hold joint meetings once every 4 years on chemical information, and our turn is coming up. The symposium is typically a pre-conference or a track within the conference. The 2006 conference will be in Austin.

Tasks ahead of us are logistical (contacting the meeting chair, negotiating for proceedings space) and organizational (putting together the program). George Ryerson (as a member of ACS) and Ann Eagan (as a member of SLA) agreed to liais with those organizations. Others agreed to help with various tasks. (Heather and Jian, I have; possibly others). Communications for this should take place through the STI listserv, so all should be sure they are on the list.

Election of new officers

Jon Jablonski agreed to serve another year as secretary/treasurer. Angela and Darcy will continue as Communications Officer and Web Master, respectively. Jian Qin agreed to serve as, and was elected by acclamation, chair-elect for SIG-STI. As chair-elect, Jian will also act as Student Award Coordinator.

2005 ASIST Meeting planning

Kris Liberman noted changes to submission process this year. More detail is sought submissions should be approximately 2 pages and provide as much information as possible. Abstracts from speakers could be provided, but at least rationale for their selection should be included. It's VERY important to note in the document the SIG or SIGS sponsoring so jointly sponsored programs are properly credited in the program. Many committee members said they do not like to ask speakers before knowing the panel will move forward, so we should just be sure to at least identify specific names we will invite.

Deadline for submission is January 21st. Conference itself is Oct. 28-Nov. 2.

Rather than submit a large number of programs, the group decided to focus on 3 (I actually had four in my notes added below) areas:

  1. Access issues in scholarly communication, including
    • alternate methods of providing access to literature
    • methods of assessing impact of alternative publishing enterprises
    • the perceived value of alternative publishing among the scientific community
    • Jian Qin agreed to shepherd this effort
  2. The scientific Commons and information access
    • this can be easily be organized as an outgrowth of the above, and perhaps be a 2 part session
    • data sharing: specifically datasets rather than publications
    • communities organizing around sets of data / communities of practice
    • Jim Campbell agreed to work on this panel - I have Angela interested in this, too
  3. current work in scientific ontologies
    • Gail Hodge and Ruth Fenske agreed to develop this panel
    • what is an ontology; how do you get to it from a traditional thesaurus structure?
    • from the social aspect, how do you create it from the domain of knowledge?
    • how do you use them?

An additional proposal was brought to the conference planning meeting as well, but its details escaped this correspondent.

Here is what I have:

Ethical and secure access to information

•  what should we not know?
•  erosion of information, a la removal of information from govt web sites
•  what things, ethically, should not get published? E.g. compilations of various data sets on individuals [SIG MED is interested in co-sponsoring this one, specifically Nancy Blasé and Ted Morris]
•  Jim Campbell was interested in working on this one.

Notes submitted by Jon Jablonski, secretary-treasurer SIG-STI. November 22, 2004.

Members attending:

Penny O'Connor
Jim Campbell
Debora Helman
Darcy Duke
Jian Qin
Ruth Fenske
George Ryerson
Gail Hodge
Ann Eagon
Pat Flanagan
Angela Murrell
Heather Monroe
Jon Jablonski
KT Vaughan
31 December 2004